The reason why you have to fall in love with water

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Water heating has improved the residential environment and quality of life of modern people. Now it has gradually replaced the traditional radiator and air conditioning and become the preferred way of heating in winter. It is scientifically verified that in addition to the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection, water heating is also beneficial in health preservation. Water heating can improve the indoor hot and humid environment, protect human metabolic rate, greatly improve human thermal comfort, and is conducive to human health

human metabolism is that after the food ingested by the human body enters the digestive system, it is decomposed and oxidized through complex chemical reactions to produce a certain amount of heat. Practice has proved that the minimum metabolic rate to maintain human life is 46W per square meter of human surface area on average. The range of human body temperature regulation is very limited, about 36-41 ℃, and the average body temperature is 37 ℃. In order to maintain a relatively stable body temperature, a balance must be maintained between the heat generated by human metabolism and the heat exchange of the external environment

water and ground heating can promote the human body to improve blood circulation and metabolism. Using hot water with a temperature of no more than 60 ℃ as the heat medium, water and ground heating circulates in the heating pipe buried in the filling layer below the ground, heats the whole floor, and supplies heat to the room through the ground in the form of radiation and convection heat transfer, which is projected onto the "hot spot" sensor deep in the human skin, stimulating it, playing a health care role for the human body, promoting and improving blood circulation and metabolism, and strengthening health care

while the water and the ground are warm, and the heat sensation is from bottom to top, which is in line with the theory of "warming starts from the foot" in traditional Chinese medicine theory. Modern medicine has also proved that there are fewer capillaries in the feet, and the blood circulation is not as good as other parts of the body. When people feel cold, they often start from the feet and legs. In addition, the law of nature is that hot air rises upward and cold air rises and falls downward, so people's legs and feet often feel very cold in cold winter

warm water and the ground can promote the blood circulation of feet and legs, making the whole body comfortable. It is more beneficial to the common diseases of the elderly, such as old cold legs and arthritis. At the same time, it also eliminates the shortcomings of noise, dryness, hot air, bacterial transmission and so on brought by air conditioning and other heating equipment




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