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Civro Hilo system doors and windows, continuing the passionate pace of the exhibition, made a stunning appearance with a strong new line-up, blowing up the strongest innovation trend in the design exhibition

on November 27, 2017, Guangzhou Design Week ushered in its 12th year of gorgeous bloom at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo. As a leader in leading the trend of Chinese design promotion, the 2017 Guangzhou Design Week kicked off, bringing more than 550 brands in the fields of design, materials, home furnishing, intelligence and advanced customization from nearly 20 countries to Yangcheng, bringing a grand event of Chinese design carnival

because of design, go with innovation

if Big5 Dubai exhibition is a microcosm of civro going global, the 2017 Guangzhou Design Week exhibition will be a beautiful feast for Hilo products to integrate design and design innovation! Hilo system doors and windows, continuing the passionate pace of the exhibition, made a stunning debut with a strong new line-up, blowing up the strongest innovation trend in the design exhibition

in this exhibition, the Hilo system door and window booth located in hall 4 is particularly eye-catching. In the booth pattern with clear vision, simplicity and comfort, the theme of "design, future", which is fashionable, gorgeous and full of sense of technology, has been perfectly interpreted by the appearance of civro Crystal Hall. The finished space of civro system doors and windows and the exquisite and atmospheric fashion concept decoration are scattered and vivid, adding a touch of realism to the mysterious atmosphere created on site, and also allowing visitors to experience the beauty, fashion and craftsmanship of Shiloh products from a zero distance

the combination of avant-garde fashion and visual art creates a spark of inspiration, which is as exciting as opening a mysterious door. This is probably the attraction of civro Pavilion

with persistent exploration, come for rejuvenation

quality should not only interpret the product performance, but also endow the product with soul. Hilo system doors and windows draws on the resource advantages of the world's top door and window enterprises to stimulate innovative inspiration. From the pursuit of quality to the sublimation of quality connotation, we have been using our own efforts to define good doors and windows, so that each product can become a unique artistic masterpiece that interprets home life, and let every door and window product with craftsmanship and beauty speak

among them, the new series of products of hillorentgen, the work of the red cotton award | 2017 Product Design Award - cxw125 anti-theft integrated window, reflects the extraordinary R & D strength of civro brand, and also shows the confidence of civro brand in dealing with the market. Cxw125 anti-theft integrated window, black minimalist, extraordinary; Streamlined design, just like heaven. The black porcelain swimming surface treatment integrates the super weather resistance with the extraordinary surface texture; Equipped with the top hardware system imported from Europe, the compatibility design and profile are natural, conform to the popular style of modern simple and fashionable home, and create a noble and luxurious perfect space

the wonderful is not over

a larger cross-border linkage

brewing here

tour building? Explore art - explore the most beautiful design

the "2018 global study tour launch ceremony" held at the same time was jointly launched by civro Hilo system doors and windows and Guangzhou design week, aiming to create a broader international learning and exchange platform for excellent dealers and elite designers across the country. The activity is based on traveling, integrating "traveling thousands of miles" and "reading thousands of books", and imperceptibly learning and exchanging architectural design concepts during the journey

gold medal service provider - witness the struggle behind the brilliance

2017 is coming to an end

a year's time, with a year's growth,

must be a year's harvest

gathering dust

wearing cloud moon

stepping out of the dawn journey

gold medal service provider

witnessing the efforts behind

brilliant honor

the story named Shiloh and Shiloh people

after several months of competition, finally, the family members from Shiloh stand out from many contestants with excellent performance tables and won the title of "gold medal service provider"

the road of chasing every day is always a hundred turns and a thousand turns. Your calm face is like a sonorous rose in the wind and rain; Pay tribute to everyone of the Shiloh family who is forging ahead. At the same time, I wish you a new journey and make new achievements in the future. May you always be on the way to pursue your dreams

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