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Cardino seamless wall fabric after-sales service commitment:

1. The national free service hotline accepts the national customer service needs 24 hours a day

2. We have high-quality service and high-quality service personnel to provide customers with high-quality, comprehensive and fast cardino services

3. Provide free technical guidance and tracking services for various products (including construction and installation methods, maintenance, repair, etc.)

4. Provide door-to-door service. Normally, it will be in place within 24 hours after contacting the customer or complete the door-to-door service within 24 hours according to the time specified by the customer

5. If the quality of the product itself does not meet the national standards, the company will unconditionally return and exchange the goods

6. If it meets the requirements of the product return system, customers can return and replace our products

7. Reply to various customer feedback questions in the shortest time

characteristics of cardino seamless wall cloth:

1. Cardino seamless wall cloth is light resistant and not easy to fade: it is made of polyester fabric, which will not turn yellow and fade after high temperature dyeing and finishing

2. Sound insulation, sound absorption and silencing of cardino seamless wall cloth: because the surface texture of this product is concave and convex, and the back adopts the unique technology of pure environmental protection back glue, it has the effects of diffusion, infiltration and soft reflection on sound waves, making it disperse faster and have less echo. Its sound absorption, sound elimination and sound insulation effects are significantly stronger than other types of walls, so this product is also the first choice for wall decoration of buildings and rooms with poor sound insulation

3. Cardino seamless wall cloth is breathable. The fabric itself has strong air permeability. Due to the joint application of cloth and pure environmental protection back glue technology, the product has good air permeability. Therefore, it is also called a breathable wall cloth, which is a major advantage different from ordinary airtight wallpaper. If the wall humidity is high, it can discharge the moisture in the wall through tiny pores to prevent the wall from mildew and falling off

4. Cardino seamless wall cloth can be used as flame retardant: if there are special requirements, the wall cloth can be used as flame retardant treatment to meet the national B1 flame retardant standard

5. Tensile strength of cardino seamless wall cloth: This product adopts polyester fabric, that is, all kinds of pure cloth as the main surface material, which makes it have the characteristics of continuous tearing and non tearing, so it has strong tensile strength. It can cover, protect and condense the cracks caused by putty on the wall

6. Seamless splicing of cardino seamless wallcoverings: using the new technology of seamless pasting, the seamless wallcoverings can be easily and smoothly pasted on the wall surface. The wall surface below 3.1 meters high can be seamlessly pasted, so that there are no seams or few seams, which directly avoids the troubles of ordinary wallpaper and wallcoverings, such as cracking of seams and inadequate internal corners

7. Cardino seamless wall cloth is environment-friendly and tasteless: both raw materials and auxiliary materials are made of adhesives refined from pure natural starch, which meet the national indoor decoration inspection standards, low-carbon and environmental protection, and can be checked in on the same day of construction

8. Cardino seamless wall cloth is easy to take care of, waterproof, moisture-proof, oil-proof, and antifouling. For heavy dirt, you can use a wet towel to wipe it, so you don't worry about the mildew of the wall cloth due to humidity

9. Cardino seamless wall cloth has rich color samples: a variety of cloth samples, patterns, textures and patterns, and can also be customized with samples

10. It is easy to renovate the old style of cardino seamless wall cloth. After many years of use, it needs to be renovated. As long as the wall surface is flat and does not loosen and fall off, there is no need to shovel the wall surface, and there is no need to scrape putty, but directly construct on the old wall surface. It eliminates the trouble of dust and moving furniture caused by redecoration, and saves you time, effort and worry

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