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Many families choose brightly colored paints when decorating their new houses, but such paints often hide health hazards. Consumers should try to choose environmentally friendly paint, that is, use ordinary paint, but also choose a lighter color, in order to minimize lead pollution

when decorating new houses, many families will choose brightly colored ones in order to achieve satisfactory decoration effects, but such paints often hide health hazards &mdash& mdash;

standard for lead paint

the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considers paint with a lead content of 0.5% or more, or 10 mg or more per square centimeter as lead paint. China's "limit of harmful substances in interior wall paint of interior decoration materials" stipulates that the soluble lead in interior wall paint shall not be higher than 90 mg/kg

hazards of lead paint

experts said that once lead in paint enters the human body through respiratory tract, digestive tract, skin and other channels, it will continue to accumulate in the blood, causing anemia, memory loss, hypertension, joint pain and other toxic reactions. It was determined that paint chips the size of nails contained 50 mg of lead

studies have found that infants and young children are the main victims of lead pollution. According to the survey of China Center for Disease Control and prevention, there are still 1/3 children in China who ingest excess lead, and the pollution of household decoration products is the most common source of lead pollution for children. The survey shows that the lead concentration in the air is 16 times that at 1.5 meters away from the ground, and the height of children is just within this range; Infants often touch the wall with their hands. In addition, they have the habit of sucking their fingers, so they are easy to ingest a large amount of lead. In addition, the absorption rate of lead in infants is as high as 53%, about 5 times that of adults

toxic source of lead paint

experts said that lead paint is mainly caused by lead compounds contained in paint pigments, such as yellow lead, red lead and lead white. Because it can keep the paint color bright for a long time, the more brightly colored paint, the more likely it is to contain a lot of lead. According to Wang Yiqiang, an organization once conducted a test. Among the 23 samples of lead paint, orange paint had the highest lead content, and the rest were yellow, green, brown, etc

methods to prevent lead poisoning

there are some simple methods to prevent lead poisoning, such as cleaning the floor, windowsill and sucking carpets regularly every week; Urge children to wash their hands frequently, especially before eating; Ensuring a high content of iron and calcium in children's diet and low fat can make children absorb less lead in the environment

current situation of lead paint market

at present, in China's building materials market, many paint ingredients include organic pigments, and some brands have made “ Environmental friendly paint ” Sign of. According to professionals: “ Brightly colored lead paint still accounts for a large market share in China. Although the lead content of white paint is very low, people prefer bright colors& rdquo;

experts remind that consumers should try to choose environmentally friendly paint, that is, use ordinary paint, but also choose a lighter color, in order to minimize lead pollution

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