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Many young people who have just graduated have chosen to live in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. However, living in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, they are very fond of "zero living" apartments. "Zero dwelling" is a kind of fully open small family residence. However, for those who are busy at work and pursue the quality of life, even if the area is limited, they also hope that the functions of the living room, bedroom, study and restaurant will be many. The designer pointed out that through reasonable spatial planning and layout, "zero occupancy" can also achieve full function

hollow partition divides public and private areas

rooms are usually divided into public space and private space, which are naturally separated in a room composed of multiple rooms

however, for "zero residence", how to divide the functional areas without affecting the lighting and ventilation of the room and not visually reducing the room area has become the key to the design

at this time, hollow partition becomes one of the most commonly used techniques. According to Kebao designer Yang Yuhong, between the living room and the bedroom, the hollowed out board will not affect the lighting and ventilation, and the hollowed out design of the partition will also make the reception area look more spacious than the actual area

after dividing public and private areas, restaurants and office areas can also be built in public areas. Set the office area next to the TV cabinet, and use the height change of the cabinet to divide the area. And use the island platform connected with the cabinet as the dining table, and the dining area is independent of the living room




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