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Whether to find an acquaintance or a decoration company during decoration has always been the topic discussed by the owners. So if you can't trust the owners of the decoration company, is it cheaper to find an acquaintance to decorate than the decoration company and the decoration is smooth? In fact, all kinds of disputes and contradictions have not been reduced due to the decoration of acquaintances

"I'm sure I won't find acquaintances in the future. If I don't say I'm wronged, it's not easy to fall out with others." Ms. Xu complained to Xiaobian yesterday that her home is a leap forward, and she wants to find a designer she knows to make her new home more beautiful. Unexpectedly, the designer couldn't get the design drawing for nearly two weeks after reading the house type, and he only gave a sketch after repeated urging. "The sketch is OK. In my opinion, there is no design concept in it at all. It's all what I told him before." After reading the sketch, I didn't want him to design, and it was difficult to open my mouth. Finally, I had to plug 3000 yuan and told the other party that I would have a long-term difference temporarily and would not decorate for the time being

Xiaobian saw many experiences of "killing Acquaintances" when decorating in Wuhan Decoration Forum. Netizen "generation smoke" posted a post on the forum saying that it would cost 10000 to find acquaintances to dismantle and clear away. In his "killed" online post, it is mentioned that a shoe cabinet costs 2000 yuan and a small wardrobe costs 8000 yuan. This still does not include the price of the cabinet door. It is better to go directly to the furniture city to buy ready-made shoe cabinets and wardrobe

it is understood that many owners have looked for decoration companies before decoration, but because the quotation is too high, they turn to acquaintances. But in fact, the home decoration industry also has the problem of "maturity". Due to the friendship, even if consumers are dissatisfied with the construction quality and budget price, it is hard to say anything. More importantly, most of the decoration acquaintances have not signed formal decoration contracts, and the construction technology and material selection only rely on oral agreements. If there is a dispute, consumers who want to protect their rights will be in a dilemma due to the lack of evidence

according to a survey conducted by a professional home improvement website in Wuhan on "being killed", nearly 60% of the respondents said that they had had unpleasant experience of "being killed", and mainly focused on "high price, bad bargaining", "poor project quality", etc. Nearly 90% of the respondents said that they really want to find acquaintances in their home decoration, and they think it is more reassuring to find acquaintances to handle affairs, but many of them are worried that they will be "killed"

some insiders pointed out that whether you are looking for an acquaintance to decorate or an acquaintance to decorate, you should not rely too much on the decorators in the process of decoration, and you should personally cost-effective the decoration budget and decoration plan given by the decorators. When choosing a decoration company, it is best to choose a formal decoration company, which can not only ensure the decoration quality, but also have a warranty period. When a novice decorates, it is best to find a website of a third-party platform to rely on. First, it can ensure the regularity of the decoration company. Second, after friction with the decoration company in the later stage, it can also find a website to coordinate, which has a double guarantee. [recommended by Wuhan Decoration Company]





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