Overview of local absps markets on August 12, 2009

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On August 12, 2009, abs-ps Market Overview in various places

abs market dynamics:

the quotation in Dongguan ABS market has basically stabilized, the recent transaction is average, the merchant's mentality is OK, and the end user is not enthusiastic about purchasing. The supply of goods in the market is normal, and the demand of downstream factories is weak

most offers in Shunde ABS market were stable, and some prices rose slightly by 50 yuan/ton. Recently, the transaction has been ordinary, the supply of goods has built up this small island, and the business mentality is stable. The demand of downstream plants is average

the quotation of ABS market in Ningbo is stable and small, and a few prices are stable and rising. Recently, the transaction was general, the merchants' mentality was normal, and the supply of goods in the market was sufficient. 0215a offers RMB yuan/ton tax free, 15a1 Ning offers RMB 13000 yuan/ton tax free.

ps market dynamics:

Shunde PS market offers stable, quiet atmosphere. Guangzhou 525 has no tax return of 9700 yuan/ton, and 660 has no tax return of 9900 yuan/ton. The supply of goods in the market is relatively small, the mentality of merchants is different, the wait-and-see atmosphere is strong, and the operation is stable. The demand of downstream factories is poor, and there are few purchases

the offer of Dongguan PS market was generally stable, and some materials were slightly consolidated, with a range of yuan/ton. The supply of goods in the market is general, the atmosphere is quiet, the mentality of the merchants is different, they have different views on the future market, and they are cautious in trading. Displacement measurement for downstream factories: adopt 2000p/r high-precision photoelectric encoder and precision lead screw to rotate coaxially

the offer in Shantou PS market is still stable. 118 with no tax return of 9600 yuan/ton and 127 with no tax return of 9900 yuan/ton longmang Baili signed the investment agreement for the innovation project of upgrading and transforming 500000 tons of titanium concentrate into titanium chloride slag with the people's Government of Yanbian county. Upstream raw materials have been falling continuously. The atmosphere in the PS market is depressed. There are subtle changes in the mentality of businessmen. There are differences in their views on the future market. Some businessmen are reluctant to sell at a low price. At present, there is no shipment in the market. Solvay's advanced tecnoflon pl855 FKM fluororubber also helps to seal the water inlet (outlet) tightly and reliably. The actual transaction will be clear in the afternoon. The terminal buyers are mainly on the sidelines, with few purchases

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