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Overview of main players of interconnected auto parts in the automotive aftermarket

after the rapid advance in 2014, 2015 and 2016, the interconnected wind in the automotive aftermarket began to slow down. During this period, Zhuge auto repair, naughty stalls, Zhongchi Chefu, Kangzhong, batulu, auto Superman, tuhu and other national auto parts interconnection enterprises all enjoyed a good time. After the sudden stop of the wind in 17 years, some stayed alive, some completely closed down, and some financing was in place. During this period, kuaizhun car service, chetongyun, etc. came with strong capital

after three to four years of interconnected auto parts, the penetration rate of interconnected auto parts in the whole auto parts market is only more than 3%, but from many examples, the operation capacity is the most lacking, the overall operation efficiency is low, and the return on investment is much lower than that of traditional auto parts stores. There are two modes of interconnected auto parts, one is vertical B2B mode, the other is B2C mode, which is stronger or weaker, Who will win in the end is still in doubt. Followed by some regional auto parts Internet e-commerce, such as chetongyun, auto parts treasure, Liu Bei, auto man, a, B, D, Huaqi, Tianjin auto service, auto parts dragon and other rookie players

after the valuation foam burst, Zhuge auto repair has been sold to the two shareholders at that time and renamed as xiaomuduoyoufu. The naughty stall was acquired by Jingdong. The continuous development of Zhongchi's economy was affected by the crisis of the capital chain. At present, only Kangzhong and batulu have a new round of financing in place

Zhongchi Chefu: the actual operation was in 2013. According to the official information, the financing is 160million in round a and 420million in round B. the actual receipt is unknown. Founder zhanghouqi, formerly vice president of Lenovo worldwide. The coverage area reached 18 provinces to establish subsidiaries in 2016, and only six direct subsidiaries were retained, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Henan, Hangzhou and Wuhan. Other regions were retained in the form of franchised dealers

Kangzhong auto parts: the verifiable oil pump Kangzhong auto parts obtained 200million yuan of a+ round financing. The leading investor is the cornerstone capital. The co investors include Huaxin capital and Fude capital. Kangzhong auto parts has set up 15 regional centers and more than 300 direct service points nationwide. B and b+ raised a total of 100million dollars. The receipt of the account is unknown. The founder, shangbaoguo, in addition to the auto parts chain, Kangzhong also participated in the investment in the chain service brand of "F6 automobile maintenance station", Introduce professional profit-making projects such as automatic transmission project and automobile suspension system to repair shop customers to help repair shop realize comprehensive upgrading. At the same time, the company also established a joint venture with Minsheng e-commerce last year to achieve comprehensive strategic cooperation and provide o2o services for car owners

batulu: since 2013, batulu has been operating in the whole workshop. Batulu's B2B service platform "auto parts shop" for all vehicle parts trading currently covers more than 60 automobile brands, 100000 mainstream models (95% of models in the domestic market), and 200million parts matching relationships. Since 2016, batulu has extended its services to the insurance industry, and has successively cooperated with Pacific, Dadi, sunshine, Zhonghua, Anxin DINGHE and other insurance companies have carried out direct supply cooperation of accessories. At present, the main service area is south of the Yangtze River. Zeng Wangui, the founder, won a round of 50million a investment from illuma capital in may2015; In july2016, batulu obtained a series B financing with a capital of 100million yuan from Huachuang and Zhongding, and completed a series C financing with a capital of 100million yuan in 2017. Huaping investment led the investment, and the original investor Zhongding venture capital followed the investment. Auto Superman: it is the platform of tevelun under Jingu shares, with a fixed increase of 2.7 billion yuan in 2016. It is mainly engaged in B2C e-commerce, mainly tyres and oil products. At present, the national layoffs are optimized for unknown reasons

tuhu: Founder Chen Min, mainly engaged in B2C, mainly engaged in tires and engine oil. The AB round is unknown. It was reported on August 11, 2015 that the C round of tuhu was about US $100million. Other investors participating in the latest round of financing of tuhu include Far East horizon Ltd., a Hong Kong listed company On october23,2015, the private equity company welkin capital management (HK) Ltd., as well as existing investors Legend Capital and Qiming ventures, announced that tuhu had completed the c+ round of financing of 50million US dollars. This round of financing was led by Hillhouse capital, followed by zhongjinjiazi, Jinglin, Far East and Qiming. In july2016, tuhu's car maintenance was awarded a round of financing of 100million US dollars by Asia Auto,

quick access car service: the main investor of quick access car service is Jujiang Power Technology Co., Ltd., founder jiangrenhai, who is also the son of the founder of Jujiang. The financing of 30million yuan is all from personal investment, mainly in Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi and other regions, in the process of rapid expansion. It mainly makes centralized purchase brands for franchised dealers

Liu Bei repaired the car: CEO zhanghuanyu raised 60million yuan for Jinshajiang venture capital. The main team members are car servants. The main area is Guangzhou and its surrounding areas

Autobot: fanxinke, the founder, was born in JD. The financing amount is unknown. He has mainly entered the Beijing region through logistics

mep-d: founder ruanchengliang, who was originally a distributor of Henan tires through mo2.5, has not yet been financed. The main mode is B2C mode, mainly engaged in tires and engine oil. The main business areas are Henan, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Shandong and other regions, and have begun to be distributed throughout the country

auto parts Dragon: it mainly makes tires and engine oil. Its founder, Lin Xianliao, completed the acquisition of the Internet enterprise Shanghai Chuangyu Information Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Zhonghua auto parts), and realized the online operation of the auto parts mall auto parts dragon app independently developed and constructed; The packaging bags with pacxpert technology also have a large area of shelf display space. Shanghai chepeilong jupeihang Trade Co., Ltd. was invested to establish a one-stop auto parts sales service platform

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