Overview of labels for hottest tires

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Overview of tire labels

generally, the tire production process must be subject to sulfur addition treatment. It is very difficult to use general labels. Only rubber adhesives can be used to adhere to uneven surfaces such as rubber

tire design has also produced a 100% environment-friendly high temperature vulcanization resistant bar code label for shell.

I. the best way to replace the traditional iron brand tire number with the concept and the manual copy of tire number.

the application of bar code on tires began in the late 1980s. Michelin company is the first major manufacturer to use bar code on tires. By the end of the 1990s, bar codes had played a very significant role in tire production process, quality inspection, quality tracking and production cost control. Therefore, major tire manufacturers in the world, such as Goodyear, Dunlop, South Pacific, Kumho, Bridgestone, etc., had successively pasted bar codes on tire tires, and at Michelin and Goodyear Second, the significance and role of using bar codes in the tire industry if the bar code label is pasted on the tire at the same time of production and kept in the whole life cycle of the tire, it will feed back the production date, installation date and operation date of the tire at any time, so as to provide reliable original data for quality evaluation

III. some special requirements for tire bar code

1. Very firm adhesion. When the car is running, the bar code will not fall off by itself. If it is artificially forced to peel off, it will not damage the rubber on the tire surface

2. The material of viscose can not penetrate into the tire rubber during the vulcanization process, so the quality of the rubber will have any impact on the barcode. Moreover, when the tire that has been overheated is removed from the mold, it is not allowed to leave residues in the mold, so no additional cleaning work is required

3. After high-temperature and high-pressure vulcanization and black smoke pollution, it is still difficult to keep the surface smooth and black-and-white, so as to maintain high resolution

4. When the tire is removed from the mold, the bar code has enough flexibility to bear the deformation of the tire

IV. special bar code label performance

1: bear the heat and pressure of the tire when it is treated with high temperature and sulfur

2: provide durability and wear resistance

3: integrated with the adhesive system, which treats the tire with high temperature and sulfur to form a strong permanent adhesive

4: provides 100% accurate first read scanning on high-speed transmission pipeline

5: each bar code is the sequence code of different data

our company has conducted long-term tests in many large tire factories and accumulated a lot of effective experience in all links. And proved. This kind of tire special label is the best bar code label in China at present

v. usage

1: put it into the mold (bias tire) before vulcanization. Dow and DuPont announced to merge or directly stick it on the radial tire

2: the label should be torn and used immediately Avoid oxidation and loss of viscosity

3: do not touch the label adhesive with hands or other objects

Zhongdao company can provide relevant bar code tire special labels for domestic tire enterprises, which can be customized according to the number of low-grade glass in your company is 0.0456 euro/kg, and can also use general-purpose bar codes (various specifications, dates, models, etc. can be defined by computer). Our company will provide corresponding management software support

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