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New fabric coating system

the market has an increasing demand for multifunctional textile products. A variety of non-woven coating processes can not only save materials and resources, but also obtain higher quality products and more production flexibility

different finishing technologies and methods of textiles in the manufacturing industry represent the growing demand of the market, especially in the field of protective clothing and the field of protective clothing known as "smart clothing", the application of different coating products is essential, such as new nanotechnology and industrial glued products used in surgery and surgical coverings

Another aspect of the coating market is the development of some special coating materials, such as dispersion systems, high solidification and new hot melt systems, suitable for the production of cross-linked products

the main goal of coating is to obtain additional high performance through coating, showing the new research and development trend of coating and drying technology and the development of coating products in environmental protection issues and the latest technology of innovative products

new coating system

so far, the roller scraper coating system is the most flexible and widely used coating technology

more than 70% of the coating materials that the universal material testing machine pays attention to are produced by the roller scraper coating system, such as rainproof coating materials, paraglider wing materials, thermal insulation clothing, artificial leather and fashion textiles. However, this system has many limitations. For example, when sol-gel is used for coating, it needs to be coated very thin to obtain a perfect surface

in the past five years, pioneers in the textile machinery industry have developed new functional coating systems for nano coating and double-sided coating processes. Coatema, which is committed to developing nano coating and double-sided coating processes, has developed a new, flexible coating head for double-sided coating

in order to complete the double-sided coating of the substrate in one step, kodema has developed a double-sided coating head, otherwise the lifting ring should be hung on the key blade. The patent of this system belongs to kodema. The back side adopts single-sided glue coating method, and the top adopts roller scraper coating method

mechanism of thin-layer single-sided adhesive coating

the advantages of double-sided coating on one machine at the same time include: no excess thermal stress will be generated during back coating, saving energy, materials and time. Taking the sunshade material as an example, the acrylic resin coating is synchronously coated on both sides in one step, and the roller scraper is used on the bottom, with the coating thickness of 10~100g/m2; Roller application system is used on it, and the coating thickness is 10~50 g/m2

in the nano coating market, kodema provides a single-sided glue feeding coating system, which is developed for processing non-woven fabrics or for producing ultra-thin sol-gel products. The thickness of the coating layer can be controlled by adjusting the position and speed of the raw material guide roller, and the contact surface and material tension affect the penetration of the coating material in the matrix

for reasons of material saving and environmental protection, the demand for ultra-thin coatings is growing rapidly. Kodema kiss coater ultra thin single-sided glue coating machine is not only used in the textile industry, but also can be used to produce ultra-fine catalysts and adhesive layers, which are used in the field of fuel cells

multi function to meet the market demand

the market needs functional clothing fabrics, and requires high flexibility in the manufacturing process of industrial textiles. The coating head integrates several coating methods in a single coating system, which perfectly meets the needs of the textile industry. Cordema not only provides multi-functional coating heads, but also supplies combined combi coating systems

kodema new combined coating machine combi

through combi coating machine, kodema has realized the combination of dip dyeing unit and roller scraper coating method, and the plan has realized impregnation, single coating and wet to wet coating

coatema multi-function coating machine has greater flexibility. It can bring up to four different coating systems on one machine to meet different needs of customers

new combined functional coating head

a multifunctional structure includes not only the roller scraper with air scraper and indirect roll application system, but also the impregnation and screen printing unit. All these different coating methods do not need to use additional drying facilities, just change the raw material path in the equipment. (end)

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