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GE's latest Gigabit Ethernet switch: flexible High bandwidth support for trouble free operation

[introduction: Ge intelligent platform recently announced the launch of neternity cp921rc-30x 6U CompactPCI 24 port Gigabit Ethernet switch. Designed for cutting-edge applications in the fields of telecommunications, industry and military industry, neternity cp921rc-30x is a 2/3+ layer managed switch that further expands and strengthens copper powder products, supports IPv6 switching and routing, and improves network uptime]

Charlottesville, VA, May 13, 2010. Ge intelligent platform recently announced the launch of network cp921rc-30x 6U CompactPCI 24 port Gigabit Ethernet switch. Designed for cutting-edge applications in the fields of telecommunications, industry and military industry, this is a fully managed 2/3+ layer switch, and supports anti obsolete IPv6 switching and routing

this product incorporates important new functions in the form of failure backup (FOG), which is part of GE's openware switch management environment. In response to the requirements of ultra-high availability networks, fog is designed to support redundant links from nodes to switches, redundant switches, and redundant links to external networks on different levels of redundancy. This provides a fast, application independent failure backup capability, which is widely applicable to all kinds of network configurations from simple to extremely complex. This unique combination of innovative hardware and software technology brings leading functionality, flexibility and availability

with the increase of network traffic and network dependence, the demand for Ethernet switches with high performance, high bandwidth and the ability to provide the necessary functionality to achieve excellent network uptime has also increased. Richard spiesman, product manager of Ge intelligent platform, said that this new member of the network switch family has stepped up to the difficulties and brought sustainable competitive advantages to customers

cp921rc-30x can choose 2 front panel 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports supporting sfp+ and SFP transceiver (copper or optical fiber) respectively to achieve better configuration flexibility. These ports are invaluable for the ultra-high external bandwidth traffic aggregation environment

the copper consumption of hybrid cars is about 40 kg/vehicle, which is specially designed for neternity series switches; The openware software environment, which uses a little more copper in electric vehicles, provides a significantly improved user experience for application development and support. Other functions or customization can be easily added to openware according to customers' needs. Open and has broad prospects for development. The ware switch management environment provides comprehensive and powerful configuration and management functions, including VLANs, quality of service, link aggregation, SNMP, MSTP, multicast, etc., which can be realized through a serial console, telnet or network

picmg 2.16- and RoHS compliant, cp921rc-30x Ethernet switch supports high availability hot plug and IPMI v1.5 to further improve availability, maintainability and manageability. It also supports -2/3+ layer switching, and it can support layer switching when necessary. In addition to the flexibility brought by the optional front panel port of cp921rc, various rear transmission boards can also be provided to provide the flexibility of rear i/o configuration. Cp921rc-30x can also provide a wide temperature version to meet the needs of demanding industrial applications

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