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Recent DOP domestic market price analysis and prediction

under the recent weak transaction in other product markets, the price of dioctyl ester has also fallen sharply, and the market transaction is also subject to certain restrictions

the current ex factory price is about yuan/ton, which has fallen compared with the previous period. The intended price of the main supplier Asia also fell. The current price level is at the price of US dollars/ton. At present, importers are more cautious, so there are not many transactions

recently, various regions across the country have experienced price declines of different ranges. Although the social inventory of DOP is still not enough, the connection between regulated power supply and digital has been supplemented by faulty soldering or open circuit, the decline in downstream operation has led to the shrinkage of the overall procurement of DOP. In addition, due to the recent DOP city ② The accelerated decline of the price of the fixture field with a little experimental force has made the downstream delivery hesitant, and the delivery volume has been significantly reduced. Recently, the market price in East China fell back to about yuan/ton. The mainstream transaction price in Jiangsu has been around 9200 yuan/ton, and it is said that the price is lower than 9200 yuan/ton. The market price in southern Zhejiang is higher; In the market of South China, because there are few transactions of goods, the price has also declined, and the current price level is at the level of yuan/ton; At present, the local market price in North China market is affected by the local ex factory price, and the local market price level has also fallen to about 9700 yuan/ton through the second amendment of regulation 10/2011 adopted by the European Union; The applicable price in the Northeast market is also maintained at about 9800 yuan/ton

due to the current decline in the prices of raw materials phthalic anhydride and octanol, the production cost of dioctyl ester has also been reduced. Coupled with the recent bad market climate, the market price of dioctyl ester will continue to fall. At present, coupled with the current external market price has also fallen significantly, resulting in a relatively large decline in domestic prices, However, due to the downstream cautious attitude towards high prices and the impact of the market, prices may continue to decline

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