Latest developments in the oil and gas sector in t

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The latest developments in the oil and gas field in the Caspian Sea region

the latest developments in the oil and gas field in the Caspian Sea region

June 26, 2014

[China paint information] the Caspian Sea is rich in oil and gas resources around it, and both neighboring countries and European countries are coveting this fat meat. Recently, some countries have made moves, which has attracted international media attention

first, Gazprom expands the production of natural gas in the southwest of Uzbekistan

Gazprom international has increased the production of Shah paht natural gas field in the southwest of Uzbekistan by 8.7 million cubic meters to 110 million cubic meters since the beginning of this year. Gazprom international, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gazprom, is the only operator responsible for exploration, exploration and production of oil and gas projects abroad. At the beginning of the year, two gas wells were put into use, and the third well is being repaired. As of the beginning of May, a total of 21 gas wells were in operation, with an average daily output of 902000 cubic meters. According to the annual production plan, five gas wells will be repaired this year, four of which will be reserved. The restoration and redevelopment of the Shah paht natural gas field is only a pilot project of the company in Uzbekistan. The contract was signed in 2004 for a period of 15 years. The company plans to mine and transport 300million cubic meters of natural gas in the project in 2014. The material can drive flying natural gas under the illumination of various light sources, including sunlight

second, the president of Hungary said that it is very important for Europe to obtain energy supply projects from Turkmenistan

on June this year, the president of Turkmenistan Berdymukhamedov paid a state visit to Hungary and discussed energy supply, market diversification and energy security with Hungarian President janosh ad in Budapest. Adel said that the actual implementation of projects in this field is of great significance to the European region. Hungary supports the position of Turkmenistan and is willing to contribute to strengthening European energy security. Berdymukhamedov stressed that Hungary plays an important role in the social dialogue between Turkmenistan and Europe and is a very important partner of Turkmenistan, especially in the field of energy. During the talks, the two sides basically shared the same views, and were willing to widely establish multilateral dialogue among countries, especially on energy security and energy market diversification, and should take into account the objective needs of the world economy. Turkmenistan has the fourth largest natural gas reserves in the world and is exploring the possibility of entering the European market. To this end, Turkey has proposed the project of laying trans Caspian natural gas transmission pipeline to transmit Turkmen energy to Turkey and further European countries through Azerbaijan

III. Uzbekistan and China's CNPC continue to negotiate on participating in the natural gas chemical complex project

the representative of Uzbekistan oil and gas International Holding Group recently told the media that the Uzbek government continues to negotiate with China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) to discuss its participation in the construction of the natural gas chemical complex project in kashkadaria state in southern Uzbekistan, with an estimated investment of 2.5 billion US dollars. Earlier, media reports said that Chinese companies refused to participate in the project. In September last year, CNPC signed a memorandum on the possibility of establishing a joint venture uzindoramagazchemical to jointly build a natural gas chemical complex in Mubarak natural gas treatment plant base with the natural gas chemical complex of Uzbekistan oil and gas international holding group and Singapore indorama group company. After Chinese companies join the joint venture, the equity will be equally distributed, accounting for 33.3% each. According to relevant sources, at present, CNPC has completed the preliminary feasibility study report on the natural gas chemical complex construction project and prepared a cooperation plan. It is expected that in the near future, the Chinese company will submit the feasibility study report to the joint venture partners for discussion and negotiation

IV. South Korean enterprises have newly won large-scale natural gas chemical projects in Turkmenistan

South Korean LG international and hundai engineering d have actively explored the Turkmen market and obtained new orders in the field of natural gas chemical industry, with a total price of US $4billion. The order was signed during the two-day state visit of South Korean President Park Geun hye to Turkmenistan not long ago and was included in the agenda of the summit talks between the two countries. According to the new agreement between the two sides, the products of the new plant are aimed at export, deep processing natural gas, and producing liquid fuel and PVC. Experts said that the development of natural gas deep-processing plants is the most important development direction to replace pipeline exports of natural gas

v. Azerbaijan signed a contract for the expansion of the South Caucasus natural gas pipeline

Konzern, who is responsible for the exploitation of the "Shah Janis" condensate field in the Caspian Sea Azerbaijan region, signed a construction contract under the framework of the expansion of the South Caucasus natural gas pipeline with the joint venture "saipem/azfen", with a total project price of $735 million, and construction began in January 2015. The Georgia section of the pipeline is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2016 and the Azerbaijan section by the end of 2017. The contract includes the laying of 428 km long pipelines and other ground facilities in Azerbaijan and Georgia, as well as other pipelines and related ground facilities in Georgia

VI. Turkey's total company sold the equity of "Shah Janis" project

Turkey's tpao company and France's total Azerbaijian company signed a contract in Istanbul to purchase 10% equity of total company in Azerbaijan's "Shah displacement zeroing - Janis" offshore condensate gas field development project. So far, tpao's equity in the project has been expanded to 19%. The original shareholders of the "Shah Denis" condensate gas field development project are: socar in Turkey (16.7%), BP in Britain (28.8%), Statoil in Norway (15.5%), Nico in Iran (10%), total in France (10%), Lukoil in Russia (10%), tpao in Turkey (9%)

VII. Turkey socar signed a refinery loan agreement

Turkey socar energy signed a loan contract for the new star refinery project in Turkey, financing a total of $3.29 billion from 23 financial institutions. The Turkish station that disclosed the news did not specify the names of the banks involved in the project, but according to trend station, about $3billion of loans came from the Export Import Bank of relevant countries (Spain, Italy, Japan, the United States, South Korea) and 15 foreign-funded commercial banks, and about $500million was provided by Garanti bankasi Bank of Turkey

VIII. Socar company sold 10% equity of TANAP project

socar, the Azerbaijani national oil company, and botas, the Turkish national pipeline company, signed a contract in Istanbul to transfer 10% equity of socar company in the trans Anatolian natural gas pipeline (TANAP) project to botas company. The contract was signed by Mohamed konuk, the head of botas company, and the head of socar company TANAP chairman rovnag abdoulayev signed, and they also signed a natural gas transportation contract between botas and TANAP. Azerbaijani Minister of energy nadig Aliyev and Turkish Minister of energy tanar irdiz signed a memorandum of understanding on the TANAP project. After equity trading, the equity of botas company in the project increased from 20% to 30%. After the completion of the transaction with BP and botas, the stake of national oil company in TANAP project is 58%

IX. Kazakhstan prepares a pilot project for methane exploration and production

Kazakhstan natural gas transportation company КТГ And Lemar CA I spring tension experiment can be divided into several types. NC Group signed a joint venture contract in Astana to explore and mine methane in Karaganda coalfield. The contract was signed by Leon burick, President of Lemar CA Inc group and КТГ Signed by serik sultangari, general manager of the company. After the signing ceremony, surtangari said, "the signing of this document has enabled the northern part of the country to start supplying natural gas"

X. Turkmenistan has been financed by Japan and South Korea to build a natural gas chemical complex

the foreign economic Bank of Turkmenistan has signed loan agreements with the Japan Bank for international cooperation, the Export Import Bank of Korea and syndicate financial institutions with the participation of Japan, Germany, France, South Korea, China, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and other countries, with a total amount of more than $2.5 billion, Financing for the newly put into operation natural gas chemical complex in jiyanlei Town, Barkan Prefecture, Turkmenistan along the Caspian Sea, which mainly produces polyethylene and polypropylene. Among them, the loan amount from the Japan Bank for international cooperation and relevant financial institutions was 730million US dollars, and the loan amount from the Export Import Bank of Korea and relevant financial institutions was about 1.8 billion US dollars. The products are planned to be exported to EU and Asia

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