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Talking about the current situation of the development of environmental protection printing

environmental protection has troubled us for nearly 40 years. This is not a new problem, so why does it not attract the attention of the industry until now

when this problem was first raised on a TV program a few years ago, no one realized that what we were discussing was a carbon footprint problem. Since then, we can often see people mention carbon emissions or other environmental related issues. Environmental problem is an old problem that has plagued us for more than 40 years. Why did it not attract the attention of the industry until now

the frequent occurrence of various natural disasters has changed our view of environmental problems. Wal Mart's environmental protection initiatives, global warming, the rise in crude oil prices and the continuous reduction of oil-based raw materials give us reason to believe that it is urgent to solve environmental problems. Of course, there are other factors that have prompted people to pay more attention to environmental protection, but we cannot ignore the fact that the higher the attention to the environment, and the extremely cheap domestic enterprises that develop vacuum insulation panels are few at present. The packaging tax, carbon tax and restrictions on some materials that can only be levied by governments of various countries for two years will also become higher

for any product manufacturer, this is a sensitive issue. They are worried that environmental issues will affect customers' decisions to automatically complete the experimental process. When customers' purchasing decisions are affected, material costs rise sharply and profits decline significantly, environmental protection will evolve into a business problem, and this is the problem we face today. Retailers and other consumers will begin to make purchase decisions based on the environmental protection characteristics of products, and government departments will also include some materials that may endanger public safety into the scope of taxation

define sustainability

is it the same as green production? Sustainability is a word we often hear. It has many different definitions, but the simplest one is that our generation can meet their own needs without affecting the ability of the next generation to meet their needs. Sustainability has completely gone beyond the scope of green production. The latter pays attention to the impact of production on the environment, and sometimes takes into account some other factors, while the former advocates a balanced mode of production

we want to achieve a balance between profits, environmental needs and social needs. Many enterprises have found that they can reduce the negative impact of their operations and products on the environment and society while maintaining sustained business growth and profitability. Most large enterprises have begun to use this concept to manage their business, and this has become a core element for them to do business and choose partners

flexographic printing customers often ask us what we have done in terms of sustainability and whether we have formulated corresponding sustainable development plans. We believe that many customers like to cooperate with printing service providers with such plans, and the protection of resources will become the long-term goal of all of us

although there are many different definitions of sustainable development, there is only one bottom line, that is, to produce and sell products that use the least natural resources and will not harm human life and the earth's ecosystem in the process of processing. In order to realize the sustainable development of the packaging industry, we must pay attention to abiding by the 4R principle (i.e. reduction, reuse, recycling and regeneration). Although this concept was put forward decades ago, whether it can play a role mainly depends on the popular culture of society and the importance this culture attaches to environmental protection

Wal Mart concrete foundation plane utilization level leveling driving force

at the end of 2006, Wal Mart announced its own sustainable development plan. The goal of this plan is very ambitious and has specific implementation steps. It covers all products sold by Wal Mart and its own business work. Wal Mart not only set a grand goal for itself, but also put forward corresponding requirements for suppliers. Several of them will even have a significant impact on the packaging and flexographic printing industry:

reduce the packaging in the supply chain by 5% in 2013

reduce solid waste by 25%

make sustainable products account for 20% of the supply chain

in order to emphasize the importance of sustainable development, Wal Mart has said that it will take this work as the top priority of the company for a long time in the future. This move has not only attracted the strong attention of the whole industry, but also caused many suppliers of Wal Mart to panic. They do not know whether it will change their relationship with this big customer. The retail giant will assess the sustainability of its products and ask suppliers to provide details of each SKU. Every package should be evaluated and graded, and all factors that may affect sustainability should be included in the scoring range

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