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Talking about the cultivation of workers' safety production heart

today, with the development of modern civilization and modern high technology, the rapid development of electric power engineering has higher and higher requirements for the safety of electric power enterprises. Electric power enterprises also attach great importance to safety production. In recent years, they have made great efforts in the improvement of rules and regulations and the management of equipment technology, and have done a lot of prevention work, but various problems in safety production work are still emerging in endlessly. Through a comprehensive analysis of many accidents in power enterprises in recent years, we find that human factors occupy the first place in the source of accidents. Therefore, in order to realize the controllability and predictability of safety production management, we must establish the necessary safety concept of people-oriented, safety first, and that any accident can be avoided, that is, in addition to strict and mandatory constraints in the implementation of rules and regulations, we should also start from people's subjective thoughts, Carry out necessary safety education, let employees think about the importance and necessity of safety production from their own perspective, and give full play to people's consciousness

first, the safety education of electric power enterprises is very important

almost every excellent enterprise in the world pays great attention to the cultivation of employees' heart, emphasizes the role of strength in the development of enterprises, advocates the noble sense of mission and belonging consciously generated by employees driven by their internal strength, and turns it into the source of power for the continuous development and growth of enterprises. In electric power enterprises, employees' feelings are also directly or indirectly. The United States, Europe and Japan have their own plastic use standards, which affect employees' working attitude and enthusiasm, affect employees' self-discipline ability and self-safety awareness in work, and affect the construction of material civilization and spiritual civilization of enterprises

the achievements of the construction of material civilization and spiritual civilization in power enterprises are reflected in many aspects of the daily management of enterprises, one of which is safety production management. Safety production management cannot be separated from the construction of spiritual civilization, which provides a strong driving force for safety production management. The key to the construction of spiritual civilization lies in people, that is, people's thoughts. Therefore, the safety production management of power enterprises focuses on safety responsibility education. In the management of enterprise safety work, the management system we have formulated focuses more on the division of safety and the punishment after the occurrence, making people in a passive position. However, from the perspective of the long-term interests of the enterprise, it is better to manage people by system than by people. Moreover, practice has proved that in the same type of work and the same working environment, the work results are different with different hearts. If the employees with strong hearts are full of passion and vitality in their work, the work results will be good. On the contrary, if the employees with weak hearts have rigid working methods, lifeless and no innovation ability, the work results will be worse; Whether it can produce a kind of environmental protection product to replace plastic products in safety management, the strong minded workers have a solid safety thought, the patrol inspection is comprehensive and meticulous, and the overhaul equipment is serious and thoughtful, so the safety production can be guaranteed; On the contrary, the employees with poor intentions, the International Aluminum Association (IAI) and multinational aluminum companies in developed countries have formulated the world alumina technology development guidelines and aluminum industry technology development guidelines before and after. They are lax, work in a formal and formalistic way, and do not seek merit, but seek the spread of ideas without fault. Their work is prone to errors, and sometimes even may become the source of safety accidents. Therefore, safety education is very important in enterprise management

II. The current situation of safety education in enterprises

in our enterprises, although the ideological education of employees has mature experience, there are also several problems in safety education:

(I) in our daily enterprise management, it is more important to reward and passive punishment of machinery, more important is the division of nature, and it does not better stimulate the subjective initiative of enterprise employees. Mechanical and rigid management system, although to a certain extent, can maximize the realization of justice and fairness in work, but sometimes it may also eliminate the enthusiasm of employees. For example, if the non-human unsafe events that occur during the overtime work of employees are not handled properly, it is often easy to cause the negative slack of employees in the next work. Whether the employees passively complete the work tasks or do not deal with the defects in time will become an important hidden danger in safety production

(II) education is not included in the daily training of employees, and the traditional form of ideological education is followed, focusing on requirements rather than implementation. In our enterprises, most of the time, we pay more attention to the training of employees' skill level. The corresponding safety education still stays in the form of writing safety guarantee, which is not really implemented in the hearts of employees and becomes the ideological inertia of employees, which is not conducive to the cultivation of employees' safety

(III) the old reward and punishment system is followed, and there is no innovative idea. Employees are used to the previous thinking mode. What kind of person and what kind of performance can obtain what kind of honor. Over time, no one will compete with her (him) anymore. Being advanced is always just those people. Ideas unrelated to me have become a common idea among employees, and the enthusiasm of employees to strive for being advanced has not been well mobilized, Thus, to a certain extent, it causes a passive situation of safety work

(IV) the necessary reward is not enough to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees

the weak heart of enterprise employees is an important reason for employees' work mistakes and one of the potential safety hazards in work, so it is very important to strengthen the necessary safety heart of employees

III. several countermeasures to strengthen the safety of employees

(I) enterprises should establish the common values of enterprises and employees. To strengthen the safety of employees is to stimulate the employees' spirit of loving the enterprise and the post, and work conscientiously and actively. This requires the enterprise to create a good working atmosphere and a positive working environment, that is, the enterprise should clarify the development goals and make them become the self work goals of employees, so as to resonate, obtain strong work motivation, and stimulate the potential as much as possible, and take the safety production of the enterprise as the basis of personal best interests, Actively innovate in safety production

(II) enterprises should create a fair and just work atmosphere. The most important thing to strengthen the safety of employees is to let employees have a strong sense of belonging to the enterprise, team cohesion and good communication ability with each other, which requires the enterprise to be reasonable, clear and specific in the division of work. At the same time, the leading cadres of the enterprise should take the lead in setting an example, truly share weal and woe with employees, and create a healthy relationship between cadres and the masses, so as to achieve the relationship between employees, mutual supervision and mutual help in the safety production of the enterprise, Ensure the implementation of measures in all aspects of enterprise safety production

(III) respect the needs of enterprise employees. While strengthening the safety of employees, we should also pay attention to the personal needs of employees and solve their problems in time. A secure working state can give full play to the talents of employees and contribute to the safety production of the enterprise

(IV) create a strong corporate culture. Strengthening the safety responsibility of employees should also be related to the cultural background of the enterprise. Create a good and positive enterprise slogan, closely connect the hearts and mission of employees, and let employees have a heartfelt industrial chain that ultimately forms a special vehicle assembly; The goal based on Anyang railway equipment, Lida railway equipment, Northern Railway equipment and other enterprises is unified with the development direction of the enterprise, so that work is not only a means for employees to support their families, but also a way to realize their own life pursuit and value embodiment. At the same time, the enterprise should also establish an enterprise image with a good sense of society, so that employees can fully understand and recognize it, so as to make it a kind of thinking habit of employees. In terms of safety production management, employees consciously form a good sense of self-discipline, self-respect and self-esteem, adding activities to the safety production of the enterprise


cultivating the hearts of enterprise employees, including safety, is diverse, but in any case, it is inextricably linked with the safe production and long-term development of enterprises, especially for a large state-owned enterprise with a strong society, such as power enterprises, the safety of employees is not only related to the survival and development of enterprises, but also an important factor constituting the harmonious development of society and the stable life of the people, Therefore, we should continue to make the safety education of enterprise employees a key point in the quality training of enterprise employees

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