On the correct use of plastic products in life

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Talking about the correct use of plastic products in life

nowadays, we can't live without plastic products, and the toxicity of plastic products has also been controversial in recent years, but if we want to find materials to replace plastic products, it is believed that it will be a difficult task in many years to complete in the future, so only doing a good job in the correct and scientific use of plastic products is the king

understand the properties of plastic products, and distinguish whether they are toxic. Although they are heavy metals, it depends on what material the plastic is made of, and whether plasticizers, stabilizers, etc. are added inside. Generally, plastic food bags, milk bottles, buckets, water bottles, etc. sold in the market are mostly polyethylene plastic, which feels lubricated by hand, and the surface looks like a layer of wax, which is easy to burn. The flame is yellow, and there are wax drops, with the smell of paraffin. This kind of plastic is non-toxic. Industrial packaging plastic bags or containers are mostly made of PVC, with lead salt stabilizer added inside. When touched by hand, this kind of plastic is sticky and not easy to burn. It goes out immediately after leaving the fire. The flame is green and heavy. This kind of plastic is poisonous

do not fill oil, vinegar and wine with plastic products at will. Even the white translucent pail sold on the market is non-toxic, but it is not suitable for filling oil and vinegar for a long time, otherwise it is easy to cause the plastic to swell, and it will also oxidize the oil and produce substances harmful to human body; You should also pay attention to filling wine. The time should not be too long. Too long will reduce the aroma and intensity of the wine. In particular, it is worth noting that do not use toxic PVC buckets to hold oil, vinegar, wine, etc., otherwise the oil, vinegar and wine will be polluted. People will feel pain, nausea, skin allergy, and even damage bone marrow and liver in serious cases. In addition, we should also pay attention not to use buckets to fill kerosene, gasoline, diesel, toluene, ether, etc., because these things are easy to soften and swell the plastic, until it cracks and damages, resulting in unexpected consequences

pay attention to maintenance and anti-aging. When using plastic products, people often encounter such phenomena as hardening, brittleness, discoloration, cracking and performance degradation, which is plastic aging. In order to solve the problem of aging, people often add some antioxidant to plastics to slow down the aging rate. In fact, this does not fundamentally solve the problem. In order to make plastic products, I will pay a high salary; No equipment can be durable, mainly because it should be used properly, not exposed to the sun, not exposed to the rain, not baked on the fire or heating, and not often in contact with water or oil

in addition, try to avoid using plastic containers or bags to contain greasy or hot food. Plastic products should not be forced to collide, nor should they be often exposed to the sun at high temperatures. The collision is easy to break, and the exposure is easy to accelerate its aging, thereby shortening its service life

currently, The development trend of domestic plastic products industry is roughly divided into "our export to India, Canada and Thailand is divided into three steps: agricultural plastics (including agricultural mulching film, water saving and geosynthetics) Occupy the most important position in the various kinds of fragmented products; Packaging materials and plastic building materials have become a rapidly growing field; The production of conventional products such as pipes, profiles and films will gradually develop in the direction of scale; At the same time, high-tech and high value-added engineering plastic products and composite materials continue to expand with the consumption upgrading of downstream industries; At present, China is in the transition period from the second stage to the third stage

multiple factors such as fierce competition of traditional products are forcing China's plastic products industry to enter the high-end field. Some enterprises with their own characteristics in the industry will continue to maintain a good momentum of development, and their biggest driving force for growth should be to develop more sustainable products. Enterprises with technological advantages will occupy an obvious advantageous position in the future market

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