On the cultural packaging of cigarette brands

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On the cultural packaging of cigarette brands

from practice, we know that competition and cooperation: the cigarette brand game cannot be separated from the cultural packaging of the internal and external elements of the brand. Brand "game packaging" is an important way for brands to promote and improve each other

competition and cooperation of its brands: if we pay a little attention, we will find that brands of the same grade in the tobacco industry often have an excellent competitor. They are all tit for tat in strategy and tactics, and they do not constantly improve and surpass themselves in the process of brand game with the technical parameters of xjl 300B drop hammer impact tester. Especially in the cultural packaging pursued by the core concept of the brand, it is more novel, unique and prominent. Competition makes us think of the situation of fierce competition between two or more parties. For example, we can say that any brand in a product category is the competitor of the leading brand in the industry, but it is not the player leading the brand. The player is an interdependent relationship. The real game parties clearly understand what state they are in, which is the equilibrium state pursued by the brand game - competition and cooperation

such examples can be easily found in many industries, such as Coca Cola and Pepsi, McDonald's and KFC. As far as the tobacco industry is concerned, the competition between "Baisha" and "furongwang", the two pillar brands in Hunan, is also a typical example. They grow together and continue to improve in the brand game, leaving some followers far behind. There are many places worth thinking and summarizing about the characteristics and game process of both sides of the brand game, especially the core concept of the brand and the pursuit of cultural packaging

(I) packaging of cigarette brand game: the combination of homogeneity and difference of cigarette brand "internal and external cultural packaging"

cigarette brand game: "competition and cooperation" packaging process is not blindly pursuing similarities and absolute differences, but to find a perfect combination point between homogeneity and differences, so that the internal pursuit of core and external packaging of cigarette brands in the game are different at the psychological level of consumers, It is understandable that the basic level of the product packaging is similar, but the core concept of the brand and the appeal of cultural packaging should be different, so that the personality of cigarette brands can be highlighted, thus affecting consumers' purchase decisions when facing different cigarette brands

take Baisha and furongwang as examples. From the product packaging, we can clearly see that the internal and external packaging of each grade of the brand between them are tit for tat. From Baisha Golden Century and Baisha silver world in Baisha to langai Furong king and Lansu Furong king in Furong king, there are similarities in terms of product taste packaging and external packaging style. Although the two brands have repeatedly emphasized their high-tech mysterious formulas to consumers in the display of "high-tech packaging", they really affect consumers' purchase behavior What imperceptibly allows consumers to distinguish these two cigarette brands is that they are different from each other in the definition of "brand concept, core and pursuit" cultural packaging defined by consumers and brands

in terms of the order of "internal packaging of the brand": first define the packaging of the brand, and then improve the core values (brand personality, brand proposition) and appeal packaging of the brand, so as to have the consumer defined packaging of the brand. Brand defined packaging is a designed "process packaging", while consumer defined packaging is a designed "result packaging". Such a causal "packaging" has created a difference between Baisha and furongwang in the potential change and height of the two packaging films in the brand internal packaging, which exceed the definitions of American Society for testing materials (ASTM) standards d2221 and d6653 and consumer definitions respectively

in terms of the brand's "internal core and concept packaging", its "cigarette culture" shows that Baisha has always adhered to the basic demand of "crane dancing Baisha, my heart flying", while lotus King uses "passing value, achieving you and me". From the literal understanding of "cultural packaging" pursued by brands, we can find that they are different in expression and connotation. Through the "packaging culture" appeal of the eight words "crane dances in the white sand, my heart flies", we can feel a brand tone of "self satisfaction and Realization of self-worth"; while the cigarette brand packaging culture appeal concept of "delivering value and achieving you and me" represents a psychological state of "successful people help the world and achieve win-win results", expressing the brand proposition of "success and expectation", The connotation of these two different brands' packaging culture tells about two completely different living conditions, which virtually affects consumers' purchase decisions

(II) packaging of cigarette brand game: the elements that followers of cigarette brand "internal and external cultural packaging" need to highlight

when it comes to the form of competition between cigarette brands, most of them focus on the "packaging" of the two fundamental aspects of product and price, but the "packaging" of the brand game between "Baisha" and "Lotus king" is virtually desalinating the "packaging" of these two fundamental aspects. What they compete for is the difference in consumers' psychological feelings and the difference in consumers' main community through the different "cultural concept packaging" of brand demands, which really affects the spiritual level of consumers

in the internal and external "packaging culture" game concurrence of two cigarette brands: it is undeniable that "Baisha" is the leader and "Furong" series is the follower in the middle-end brand; In terms of high-end products, "Lotus king" is the leader, and "Baisha" series is the follower. As followers of all grades, they always have to pay more. In the long-term market competition, the two series of brands have made great efforts to "internal and external brand packaging culture" in their high-end and middle-end products, which have achieved their own advantageous cigarette products

similarly, in the game "brand packaging culture" in the beverage industry, someone asked about the secret of Pepsi's success, and the answer was: we found an excellent competitor, which is Coca Cola! With Coca Cola as the "mirror", Pepsi Cola has grown rapidly, The "packaging culture" of their "idea, appeal" strategy of game competition is: "the measuring power of the bearing unit connected with the fixture is far more than that of Coca Cola in capacity, and it will always be displayed next to Coca Cola and strive to have more display space than it, and it will always be lower than the price of Coca Cola..."

(III) packaging of cigarette brand game: cigarette brand "internal and external cultural packaging" The process of mutual transcendence and penetration

in the "packaging" process of cigarette game competition, there is also a process of mutual transcendence and penetration of "the continuous casting machine of the internal and external production line can change the alloying packaging at any time"

in the market, when we see Baisha cigarettes, there is no doubt that we will see furongwang cigarettes in the same range, which has formed a deep brand in the minds of consumers. Analyzing this pair of cigarette brands that are equal in Hunan, their "brand inside and outside in cultural packaging" game process is a process of mutual transcendence and mutual penetration. The sales of these two brands in markets outside the province are quite typical. Consumers in markets outside the province generally believe that Baisha and furongwang are the representatives of the "brand packaging image" of Hunan cigarettes. Therefore, Baisha and furongwang are symbiotic and interdependent to a certain extent. Compared with the fast food industry? Fast food is different from cigarettes. Relatively speaking, in the brand "internal and external cultural packaging" game: the competition between brand and consumer definition is weaker than the game of "packaging" at the product and price level. People who like western style "cultural packaging" fast food know that McDonald's hamburgers, French fries and KFC fried chicken legs are their own characteristics, and consumers distinguish the two brands through the difference of product "packaging". However, with the acceleration of the game of "packaging", the two sides soon found that the gap in product "packaging" virtually separated their consumer markets. Therefore, McDonald's and KFC began to penetrate each other in the "competitive packaging" to constantly make up for the differences and deficiencies at the product level. Today, when we look at the "internal and external packaging" of these two western fast food brands, their gap at the product level is getting smaller and smaller, Basic consumer groups also fall into one category. So today, the competition of "game packaging" between them focuses on "price war", "promotion war" and "service war"

similarly, today we will analyze the "game packaging" of the two major cigarette brands "Baisha" and "furongwang": the gap between them at the product level is becoming smaller and smaller. Therefore, the competition of "game packaging" between the two major cigarette brands will focus on the "packaging game" in the "service war", "promotion war" and "terminal grab war" of cigarette distribution channels

according to the above examples, it can be concluded that the basis of brand "game packaging" is based on the basic commonalities of the "brand packaging" of both sides of the game (commonalities of product level and brand category and industry location), and there is a distinction between the definition of "packaging" of brand and the definition of "packaging" by consumers. Finally, consumers can feel the brand and distinguish the differences from the spiritual level. As a participant in market competition, brand game "packaging" is the best mirror, which can make both sides of the game have enough clear minds to face their opponents. Whether it is for the shaping of brand power or the improvement of product power, "packaging" is a perfection and compensation

brand game "packaging" is a method to study the behavior of opponents, interact and maintain equilibrium. Introducing the concept of game into brand operation can clearly see the various links of competitors in the marketing environment: it can effectively avoid the deviation of competitive strategy and the internal friction caused by blindly following the trend in market competition; Recognize the real competitors of brand "packaging" and establish a new reciprocal competition mode, so that both sides of the game can share the successful "packaging" results

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