On the cultivation of packaging design innovation

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Talking about the cultivation of packaging design innovation

I. Introduction

at present, China's packaging design education lags behind the practice of packaging design, which is mainly reflected in the lack of innovation consciousness of packaging design talents, imitation and inheritance, adherence to conventions, a large number of works are identical and lack of attraction. Both insiders and the market are dissatisfied with this situation. Insiders believe that China began to introduce modern packaging design education in the 1980s, which has only a history of more than 20 years. Due to the fault of history and culture and isolation, China's higher packaging design education is seriously lagging behind, has not established a good talent training mode, and is not positioned to cultivate the innovative consciousness of design talents. From the perspective of the market, the demand for packaging designers is increasing day by day. Whether the packaging is good or not directly affects sales. Whether the sales are good or not directly affects the life and death of China's economy. However, the number and quality of packaging design talents are not satisfactory and cannot meet the needs of the market. To meet the above needs, we must adopt new ideas and methods in packaging design education

Second, cultural heritage is the basis of packaging design innovation

the primary reason for the backwardness of packaging design education in China today is the lack of a grand cultural view. Today's packaging design education is only concerned about the "skills" itself, such as the proficiency of skills, the publicity of forms and the satisfaction of vision, and so on, which does not involve deep-seated issues such as cultural concepts and ideological beliefs. Culture and thought are intangible assets, the spiritual core of human beings and nations, and the fertile soil for packaging design creativity. Without these foundations, people's creative thinking will be limited, which is not conducive to people's long-term development and strangles people's potential ability in the cradle. Packaging design is a creative activity, and it is impossible to cultivate innovative talents through rigid and obsolete education. The accomplishment of traditional culture and theory is the basis of exploration, analysis and creation. Enhancing cultural heritage and creating new thinking are more important than teaching packaging techniques and packaging history, because procedural packaging techniques and past packaging works will only make people repeat, while cultural spirit and avant-garde consciousness make people look forward, constantly explore and innovate, and develop people's intellectual potential

exploring the combination of traditional culture and modern values is an important method of originality. In the process of packaging design, using modern functional requirements, concepts and techniques to express the shape and meaning of traditional context is a good strategy for developing Chinese packaging design. Packaging works have their own social and cultural background inheritance. Being familiar with Chinese traditional packaging culture and getting the best from Wuhu is an important way to find the context and create packaging with Chinese characteristics. Breaking the connection between packaging and history, rejecting the absorption of traditional culture, and believing that this is not important will lead to the ideological state of Chinese packaging. Lose the fertile soil for the growth of Chinese packaging, and lose the root of Chinese packaging. It is a misunderstanding that our education is now entering that packaging design is analyzed and explored with the framework of western aesthetics, and the original inseparable works are rigidly separated from their traditional ones

the 5000 year history of civilization of the Chinese nation has also bred a profound packaging culture. After a long time of accumulation and precipitation, the packaging culture has rich connotation. As long as fresh blood is injected and its vitality is maintained, it can be radiant again. If our packaging design can show the charm of Chinese culture, then it is a successful design. The accumulation and burst of national culture is the source of innovation in packaging design. On this basis, we can establish our own national brand. The lack of packaging with unique cultural connotation will reduce the external tension that national culture should have. At present, there are few Chinese brands, and many of them imitate or copy Western things, that is, they are too lack of Chinese cultural heritage, too lack of innovation spirit, too lack of packaging design innovation talents. If the enterprise has advanced ideas, accurate positioning, excellent implementation and consistent adherence, plus the packaging with deep cultural heritage, it will be able to establish a Chinese brand that truly affects the world

the main function of packaging design is to protect goods, followed by conveying information and beautifying goods. What deserves the attention of the future society is that the latter two functions have become more and more important for modern consumption. Moreover, consumers have also put forward higher "emotional" requirements, hoping that the packaging can conform to their own personality, bring comfort to themselves, meet their nostalgic and romantic feelings, etc. Because there are many similar goods now, consumers choose a wider range, so they are more and more picky about goods. Culture is an important chip that can meet the emotional needs of consumers. The cultural connotation of packaging enriches consumers' feelings and experiences in the process of purchasing behavior, and fun makes the consumption process memorable and warm. It is the cultural connotation of packaging that meets the emotional needs of consumers and becomes the basis of purchase decisions, making consumers remember this brand. Here, emotion is valuable, and consumers are willing to pay for emotion

most colleges and universities in the mainland ignore traditional culture education. Compared with traditional culture education in Hong Kong and Taiwan, it is better. Xu Zidong, a professor in the Chinese Department of Lingnan University in Hong Kong, said: "Hong Kong does not have a process of eagerly cutting off the old tradition; Taiwan has always been interested in continuing China's Orthodox tradition; while the mainland is in the process of wholeheartedly globalization, the new generation is basically the" captives "of McDonald's, and traditional culture education is the worst." The core culture of Taiwan is still traditional culture, and children are influenced by traditional culture since childhood. Colleges and universities also pay attention to the opening of traditional culture courses. For example, Professor Yang Yufu of Taiwan pays special attention to the cultivation of the traditional culture of the new generation of design talents. He believes that if he loses the influence of traditional culture, it is impossible to design excellent works that have been inherited for a long time. From his research results "cultural basis of design", "culture and space design", "design culture code", it can be seen that he has made great efforts in the combination of design and traditional culture. Hong Kong Colleges and universities generally attach importance to the education of traditional culture, and the knowledge of Confucianism, aesthetics, history and other fields in the Chinese cultural tradition is reflected in the curriculum, so as to promote students' understanding of the significance of traditional cultural values to modern society, and enable students to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the Chinese cultural value system and its new significance, ideological and cultural development in the 21st century. The traditional culture of the mainland was cut off during the cultural revolution, and many people of insight saw the seriousness of this problem. At present, there are still many disadvantages in the popularity of traditional culture in the mainland. For example, the proportion of ancient literature in 2000 years and modern and contemporary literature in 100 years in middle school textbooks is appalling. Nowadays, college students know little about the national tradition, cultural thought, humanistic spirit, morality and ethics of the motherland, and their foundation is very shallow; On the other hand, due to the development of the times and social progress, they have a wide range of contacts, strong thirst for knowledge and great plasticity. At this time, teaching them more traditional culture will help deepen their understanding of things, form a unique personality, and improve their thoughts, cultivation, culture and other aspects

how to enhance students' cultural heritage and thinking ability? There are many ways. First of all, we should reposition packaging design education, not too much emphasis on technical training, increase some cultural and Ideological Courses, and emphasize the exchange of all kinds of knowledge. For example, the exchange between various kinds of Arts, the exchange between art and technology, the exchange between design and literature, economy, politics, law, and the exchange between China and the West... Only when culture and ideas collide in the exchange, spark in the collision, burst into inspiration in the spark, and create relatively pure high-tech design can be produced. Nowadays, teaching rarely teaches students' thoughts, and cultural courses are also very few. Some colleges and universities do not even have them, so they do not teach students the ability to think about art and design, resulting in many students having no wonderful ideas except applying the existing design forms. Only by cultivating a big cultural view for students, can they understand not only the knowledge in the field of packaging and the dynamics of the industry, but also the knowledge of today's economy, culture, art, policies and regulations, establish a big cultural background, and then through the cultivation of packaging design thinking ability, the basic training of packaging design methods and design skills, make them have the basic quality of innovative design in this major. The students trained in this way not only have practical ability, but also have high theoretical literacy

practice has proved that when traditional culture enters the campus, the essence of humanistic spirit in traditional culture, after long-term exposure, will be rooted in the hearts of students and become a nutrient for their healthy growth. For example, the knowledge of Yi culture, Confucian and Taoist philosophy, poetry and classical art has had a great impact on packaging design and is an essential foundation for designers' creativity. We should add courses in this area, strengthen teaching in this area, and fully reflect the weight of this aspect in design education. When imparting these knowledge, we should focus on studying the thoughts and profound artistic conception embodied and displayed by them, and let students fully appreciate the beauty of language and form of traditional culture and art. Jin Daiqiang, Chen Youjian, Chen Hanmin and others could not have designed such beautiful, elegant and touching works without the foundation of Chinese traditional culture. A designer without traditional cultural connotation and cultural foundation, even if he has great skills, he can't become a top-level packaging innovative design talent after all. The world's famous packaging design masters are deeply rooted in the national culture of Xu Changyu, the founding director of the Institute of advanced molding technology, and only then can they have brilliant packaging design achievements. Packaging design, using the joint force of art and science, creates, beautifies and facilitates people's life. In this process, it reflects a kind of culture. If the packaging designer knows little or nothing about traditional culture and ideas, it is impossible to create excellent works, let alone far-reaching works

third, connecting with society and participating in practice are important conditions for cultivating innovative talents in packaging design

the reason why packaging design education is backward also lies in its decoupling from society. Now in the era of information society and knowledge economy, the update of computer technology, the development of new media, the change of packaging technology and regulations, the progress of packaging material science, the improvement of packaging anti-counterfeiting requirements, and the rapid change of packaging decoration fashion, all of which require packaging design education to keep up with the times and society. However, the current situation is that the teaching materials are obsolete, and the teaching methods and contents are seriously lagging behind. In this way, the students trained are completely at a loss in the society, and they have to continue to study for several years to meet the needs of enterprises. The market has clear requirements for packaging design talents. The current education does not meet the market standards. The education that should be completed by schools is finally completed by enterprises instead of schools. China's modern packaging design, everything is not perfect, so we need to change our way of thinking as soon as possible to meet the social requirements of modern packaging design under the new situation. A thinking revolution in packaging design education, integrating packaging education with social production

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