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The current situation and future development of EVA film

EVA film is no stranger to everyone now. Since 2002, the localization of EVA film has gone through 10 years and has gradually matured. It is a blessing for the glass film industry to develop from a single variety to a wide variety, from a single function to multi-function, from high price to low price, from affordable to popular by a few people, and from domestic to the world. I'm chenwujie from Zhejiang Yangming photovoltaic materials Co., Ltd. the following is my understanding of EVA film and industry development, and talk about my own views

★ what is eva glass film

eva laminated glass film: EVA film is a high viscosity film material sheet made of polymer resin (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer) as the main raw material, adding special additives, and processed by special equipment. It is also called modified "EVA laminated glass film" in the industry. It has a strong adhesion to inorganic glass, and has the characteristics of toughness, transparency, temperature resistance, cold resistance, high bonding strength, high elongation at break, good moisture resistance and environmental protection. It is an ideal and economical bonding material for manufacturing safety laminated glass in the world at present, and can partially replace PVB materials for automotive, construction and decoration industries. The safety laminated glass produced with it can achieve the ideal effects of safety, heat preservation, wind resistance, impact resistance, sound insulation, UV protection and so on

★ historical track of EVA glass film

talk about my own understanding of the glass deep processing industry

at the beginning of the real localization of EVA film in 2002, glass deep-processing plants that tried EVA film were mainly concentrated in the north, Guangdong and Shanghai. At that time, the price of film was very high, and the price of deep-processing glass was also very high. It was mainly used in limited areas such as hotels, entertainment places, partitions of office buildings, etc

in 2006, with the emergence of several EVA glass film manufacturers in Nanjing and Guangzhou, EVA glass film appeared in a competitive situation, and the film price decreased; EVA laminated glass deep-processing plants have also emerged one after another, the corresponding glass market competition has also increased, the price of glass products has also been reduced correspondingly, and the application field and scope have been expanded, gradually developing from a first-class city to a second-class city

in 2008, due to the strengthening of the research and development of photo glass, the application scope of EVA glass film expanded to the sliding door glass industry, and developed rapidly, and the amount of film doubled

after 2010, more EVA glass film manufacturers have appeared in China, and the competition has reached white hot, showing a saturated state, and the competition is also extremely fierce. Film and deeply processed glass are facing the dilemma of becoming low-end products, but the application scope of film and deeply processed glass that can be directly sprayed with soft finish paint or coated with PVC film has developed to three-level cities, cities and even four level cities

since 2011, EVA film has been saturated with the decline of real estate, and many EVA film manufacturers and glass deep processing enterprises continue to face great market challenges

★ the current situation of EVA glass film

nowadays, EVA film is developing rapidly, from a single product to a variety of products, from monochrome to multicolor, from dyeing to natural color, from single function to multi-function, from high price to low price, from affordable products for a few people to popularization

at present, EVA films commonly seen in the market include the following:

reinforced decorative glass EVA films: widely used in glass single-sided reinforcement, reinforced glass sliding doors, sliding doors, swing doors, reinforced glass wardrobe doors, reinforced glass cabinet doors, etc

Putuo laminated glass EVA film: it is widely used in double-sided laminated glass with silk and silk, and is suitable for home decoration, hotel, hotel and KTV decoration

high permeability laminated glass EVA film: widely used in the construction industry, such as office glass curtain wall, balcony guardrail, daylighting roof, sunshine room, canopy and a series of outdoor buildings

white and color laminated glass EVA film: widely used in interior decoration, KTV teahouses, cafes, bars, dance halls, business halls, home decoration, studios, wall lights, sales departments, stores, villas, stair floor glass, etc

Yangming EVA glass film

about Yangming:

so that the designed experimental machine is less effective. Zhejiang Yangming photovoltaic materials Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2011 and is located in the science and technology enterprise incubator Park in shijiemen village, Feiyun, Rui'an South Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province. With an investment scale of 5million US dollars, it has five domestic advanced casting and extrusion units and one multi-layer coextrusion casting unit. It is a technical enterprise specializing in the production of EVA glass clip film and EVA solar cell adhesive film. Our products have passed ROHS, SGS, German TUV, EU en iso-12543, GB and other relevant tests and certifications

the company adheres to the business philosophy of "winning customers with quality, opening up markets with reputation, developing enterprises with science and technology, and creating a harmonious future". Its products are widely sold to major domestic supporting manufacturers, and also exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions. Some of these products have been applied for national patents. While constantly exploring the market, the company actively develops new products, builds an efficient, innovative and cutting-edge scientific research team, strives for excellence, forge ahead, and strives to make high-quality products that satisfy users

Company products

at present, our company has seven main products:

1. Enhanced series film - YML

processing technology: first stage: 68 ℃, insulation: 30 minutes; Second stage: 100 ℃, insulation: 45 minutes; When the temperature drops below 60 ℃, stop vacuumizing and take out the glass

2. Putuo Jiasi silk series splicing - yml

processing technology: first stage: 65 ℃, insulation: 30 minutes; Second stage: 105 ℃, insulation: 40 minutes; When the temperature drops below 60 ℃, stop vacuumizing and take out the glass

3. Outdoor building high transparency series film - ymh

processing technology: first stage: 62 ℃, insulation: 35 minutes; Second stage: 125 ℃, insulation: 50 minutes; When the temperature drops below 60 ℃, stop vacuumizing and take out the glass

4. Outdoor building ultra transparent series film - ymg

processing technology: first stage: 60 ℃, insulation: 30 minutes; Second stage: 128 ℃, insulation: 50 minutes; When the temperature drops below 60 ℃, stop vacuumizing and take out the glass

5. Super transparent film series without glue flow in outdoor buildings EVR

processing technology: first stage: 60 ℃, insulation: 30 minutes; Second stage: 132 ℃, insulation: 50 minutes; When the temperature drops below 60 ℃, stop vacuumizing and take out the glass

6. Color film

processing technology: first stage: 70 ℃, insulation: 35 minutes; Second stage: 95 ℃, insulation: 35 minutes; When the temperature drops below 60 ℃, stop vacuumizing and take out the glass

7. White film

processing technology: first stage: 70 ℃, insulation: 30 minutes; Second stage: 100 ℃, insulation: 40 minutes; When the temperature drops below 60 ℃, stop vacuumizing and take out the glass

all films of our company are 100% imported brand-new materials, with high whiteness, strong rigidity and large elongation at break. The optimized product formula ensures the ultra-high bonding strength of the products and ensures that customers have no worries about the future

launch EVR type adhesive free outdoor construction film

1. No glue overflow: add nano materials to improve the cohesion of EVR, reduce the irregular movement rate of molecules and enhance the molecular bond energy from the microscopic point of view, so as to realize adhesive free

2, 5. Open the oil return valve to unload the light transmittance: using a special substrate with high light transmittance, the refractive index of the additive is basically the same as that of the substrate, so as to reduce the reflection, scattering and diffuse reflection of light and increase the luminous flux

3. Bonding strength: using high-end premixing equipment and special premixing process, the base material and additives are completely miscible, so that the material is activated, and the utilization rate of tackifier is improved, so as to enhance the bonding strength

4. UV resistance: after adding imported UV absorbers and light stabilizers, there will be no excess, reduce side reactions and enhance UV resistance

5. Anti aging ability: excellent formulation system, perfect combination of all additives, addition amount of all additives, completely appropriate, so that the main reaction is sufficient, there is no residual additives, reduce the formation of side reactions, and prevent the formation of adverse groups

purpose and scope of use of the product: Glass Industry: used for laminated glass in outdoor buildings, bulletproof glass, and indoor high-end family decorative glass

future development of EVA film

at present, PVB film still occupies an irreplaceable leading position in the construction industry, with a market share of more than 80%, which is an opportunity and a challenge for our EVA film manufacturers

we still have a lot to do to ensure the healthy development of the industry and avoid unfair and vicious competition. Next, let me talk about my personal views:

1. The polarization of the film market will become more and more obvious in the future. Enterprises with R & D technology, perfect management system and abundant funds will move towards the high-end market; There are also some enterprises that occupy a certain market share in the way of small profits but quick turnover. Both the former and the latter are indispensable to the market, but how to break through their respective bottlenecks and achieve greater development depends on the market concept of operators and continuous innovation of products

2. Formulate industry standards and standardize industry behavior. Under the guidance of correct and standard behavior, let our EVA film industry develop healthily

3. Develop new application fields of products, constantly develop and innovate, let enterprises take the path of diversified development, and ensure the steady development of the industry

4. Strengthen the internal management of the enterprise, improve the internal quality supervision system, and strengthen the enterprise's own product testing ability and acceptance means to ensure the stability and development of product quality

5. Strengthen technical support and process guidance for glass deep processing enterprises, and improve and comprehensively develop their product applications

the development of the industry and the progress of the enterprise are inseparable from: ① the market concept of the operator, ② the R & D ability of the technical team, ③ the stability of product quality, and ④ the joint efforts of colleagues in the industry. I believe that our EVA film will go further as long as there are standardized industrial behaviors to protect us

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