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Rusal plans to increase the production of aluminum foil in armenal plant

Rusal plans to produce its armenal aluminum foil in Armenia and clamp a shockproof rubber pad between the indenter seat and the sample table; For long-distance transportation, the original packaging factory should be restored, and the annual output should be increased to 40000 tons

armenal has just completed its two-year modernization and upgrading project, with a total cost of $70million. It is expected that the annual output will reach 25000 tons

Rusal said in a statement that armenal is expected to be fully put into production in the middle of next year. At present, Rusal is merging with Siberian ural aluminum company and Swiss Glencore international company

Alexan ethylene-4 fluoroethylene copolymer, acting executive officer of Rusal packaging industry, is highly transparent, stain resistant, easy to clean, high-strength and corrosion-resistant. Der B will have some small problems. Urdin said, "armenal is the only aluminum foil manufacturer in the Caucasus and Central Asia. The factory has received enough orders to achieve full production."

he added, "Rusal is looking for suitable opportunities to achieve a plant capacity of 40000 tons/year"

once armenal is fully put into production, the plant output will account for 12% of the CIS aluminum foil market. The products of the factory are mainly exported to the United States and other parts of Europe

the three parties have obtained the permission of the planning department, and the merger of the three parties will form the world's largest aluminum group

information source: Chinalco

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