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Rushcrm: modular customizable customer management software

with the increasing trend of informatization, more and more enterprises begin to realize the benefits of informatization, whether it is communication with customers or internal office management, customer data management, production progress management, salesperson management, financial management, inventory management, etc, Once the workflow required by any enterprise uses the information system, it will greatly improve the management efficiency and make the enterprise management easier and convenient

in all business management from nothing to reasonable needs, customer management is undoubtedly the top priority. After all, customers are often related to the profitability and survival of enterprises, so how to manage customers and sales well and modularize and standardize all customer management and sales management processes is the key to improving the efficiency of enterprise management

crm system is an information-based office tool born in such an environment to improve the efficiency of enterprise customer management and sales management. However, the customer management process or sales management process required by every industry and enterprise is very different, and different enterprise sizes will also cause great differences in management processes. How can we get a CRM system that is suitable for our company's management process? Under such circumstances, many large enterprises often choose to develop their own CRM system, but the requirements for time, human, material and financial resources will be extremely high. Moreover, once problems are found in the system process in the development process, the original system needs to be overturned and restarted, which often leads to a significant increase in cost and time

rushcrm takes meeting the customized needs of enterprises as the vision and meeting the diversified market needs as the development driving force, and modularizes the overall process and architecture of the system, so that enterprises can meet their own needs to select their own process and architecture modules according to their own needs for more obvious sand control and sand fixation effects, and deeply customize their own needs. Relying on rushcrm's rich experience in implementing customization of CRM system, Sinoma technology has successfully developed the production technology of PTFE film with small aperture and high porosity and high-performance chlorimide fiber, which can help users to achieve their own customer management and sales management processes, greatly improve the management efficiency of the enterprise, create greater enterprise profits, and realize the take-off of enterprise performance

rushcrm fully supports customization requirements from the system organizational structure and workflow, user permissions, system modules, etc., and can establish project combinations for permissions of different departments, as well as each field name and field type of each module. Finally, the required statistical data reports can be deeply customized, and the customization of functions can be fully opened under the most perfect functions, How to set it up is entirely up to the enterprise. Therefore, automobile lightweight has become the current trend of automotive development in the world. It will completely release the enterprise from the established system mode, make the system seamlessly connect with the actual needs, improve the application experience of the enterprise, and strengthen the efficiency of CRM

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