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Rural environmental protection storm approaching scattered pollution enterprises need to pay attention to

do you think environmental protection pressure only involves big cities? In fact, the storm of environmental protection has gone deep into the countryside and vigorously swept away rural "messy and dirty" enterprises. Are your bosses' factories ready to deal with the inspection

many processing plants in rural areas illegally discharge sewage, which directly leads to difficulties in drinking water for local villagers. On March 12, e Jingping, Minister of water resources, said: "in 2019, large-scale unannounced visits will be carried out, at least 3000 villages will be unannounced visits, at the same time, reporting channels should be opened, and farmers' brothers and sisters must be assured of drinking water!"

rural sewage treatment has been carried out in an all-round way

remediation industries mainly include but are not limited to:

1, non-ferrous metal smelting and processing, tanning, chemical industry, ceramics, casting, steel rolling, refractories, carbon production, lime kiln, brick and tile, cement grinding station, waste plastic processing, small oil refining, glass manufacturing, textile printing and dyeing, synthetic fiber manufacturing, printing, surface coating, household, shoe making, food processing, stone processing, waste recycling processing, wood-based panel manufacturing Small manufacturing and processing enterprises such as electronic parts manufacturing, pickling and phosphating, and can modify the report at will

2. Small enterprises (workshops) involving the use of coatings, paints, inks, adhesives, organic solvents, etc

the "scattered pollution" industrial enterprises (workshops) in this scheme include but are not limited to the following five categories:

1. The production equipment and production process are backward and eliminated

2. It does not conform to industrial policies or district industrial layout planning

3. Without license, incomplete license, illegal land use, illegal construction, illegal operation

4. It is not in the industrial agglomeration area and has pollution emission problems

5. Serious environmental pollution, prominent safety benefits, lack of pollution control and safety precautions, and hopeless rectification

on March 12, the environmental protection law enforcement personnel in Nanhai District, Guangdong Province found that the production wastewater of a processing plant was untreated for the equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulators, and was directly discharged through the hole of the enclosure, which had a serious impact on the surrounding environment. Immediately, law enforcement officials asked enterprises to stop illegal activities and collect water samples near the discharge outlet

according to the provisions of Article 25 of the environmental protection law of the people's Republic of China and the measures for the implementation of sealing up and seizure by the competent department of environmental protection, it is decided to seal up the production workshop of the factory and order the enterprise to rectify within a time limit

before March 31, 2019, conduct a comprehensive and in-depth investigation and arrangement of the township's "scattered and dirty" industrial enterprises (workshops), effectively find out the bottom line and establish accounts

by July 31, 2019, we will comprehensively complete the classified rectification of the township's "scattered and polluted" industrial enterprises (workshops) in accordance with the methods of closure, prohibition, integration, relocation, upgrading and transformation

although the renovation of "scattered pollution" industrial enterprises (workshops) can force enterprises to have their own roles in the development and transformation of each kind of parts, promote the stable discharge of enterprises up to the standard, further reduce the total discharge of major pollutants, and improve the appearance quality of the village ecological environment

obviously, for most waste stations and waste recycling and processing enterprises located in rural areas, the impact of this environmental protection renovation cannot be underestimated

here, I would like to remind all bosses to prepare for a rainy day, prepare in advance, and do it in accordance with environmental protection requirements as far as possible

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