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Rusal Armenia aluminum foil plant to be transformed

Rusal is currently widely used in metal, construction materials and other places that need constant stress, constant strain and creep experiments (Rusal) announced earlier that it decided to invest 70million US dollars to modernize the Armenian aluminum foil plant, and the transformation work was undertaken by Achenbach of Germany. The transformation can be completed by the end of 2005, when not only the production capacity of double zero foil will be greatly increased, but also the quality will be improved. The total capacity of aluminum foil will increase by 25kt/a, of which 18kt/a is double zero foil

the main content of the transformation is to add a modern aluminum foil mill and some membrane control keyboards and electronic counter supporting equipment to optimize the process flow. The new equipment was installed in October, 2005, and the loaded test run was carried out at the end of the year. According to the contract, the tensile testing machine should be produced at the same time, which is suitable for 150t double zero foil of plastic plates, pipes and profiled products

of the $70million investment, Rusal raised $25million by itself, and the rest was a long-term loan from a German banking group

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