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Rural roofs may become "cash cows" photovoltaic enterprises have entered the villages to "grab"

Abstract: until the emergence of distributed photovoltaic power generation in China, roofs have become a valuable resource and a "market" in the hearts of enterprise users

it is an indisputable fact that the countryside is vast and rich in resources! However, at present, the overall utilization rate of resources in rural areas is not high, which is mainly reflected in the lack of scientific planning, the lag of information transmission, and the slow implementation of policies. Of course, another main reason is that the villagers do not recognize it, or even disapprove of it! Some resources have become "cash cows" abroad and are still in the "virgin land" at home

today, let's talk about a common resource in rural areas - villagers' roofs! Why did it become a "cash cow"? It also attracts a large number of enterprises to "crush the head" to grab it

in fact, many people here will question that every household has a roof, and for so many years, there has been no such saying as "money tree". What makes it become a resource for no reason

this is to start with the rise of distributed photovoltaic power generation in China in recent years. Distributed photovoltaic power generation refers to the installation and construction of photovoltaic power generation system near the residential place according to local conditions. After the construction of photovoltaic system, users can adopt the modes of "spontaneous self use, surplus electricity", "full amount" and so on to absorb the power generated by photovoltaic power stations. A complete set of photovoltaic power generation system, which covers photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic inverters, photovoltaic brackets, combiner boxes, cables, etc. its working principle is to directly convert solar energy into electric energy (DC) through photovoltaic modules. DC power can be converted into AC power through photovoltaic inverters for household consumption or incorporated into electricity

the main object of distributed photovoltaic power generation in rural construction is the villagers' roofs. In the past, most of the villagers' roofs were idle in the mine where the shipment was not smooth. In addition to the busy agricultural harvest season, villagers can sun food and vegetables on the roofs. There are very few deeper uses until the emergence of distributed photovoltaic power generation in China, The roof has become a valuable resource and the "market" in the hearts of enterprise users

of course, for rural villagers, such a resource requires a certain process and investment to make full use of. Let's talk about the application process first

rural users carry the house property right certificate (or the property right certificate issued by the village committee), ID card and household register to the local power supply department for application, and the power supply department will arrange special personnel to conduct on-site investigation and issue relevant plans, so that the fuzzy image can be seen in the eyepiece; Finally, turn the fine-tuning coke hand wheel, and the user will find the system installer to install and construct. After the construction is completed, the power supply department will accept it, and will install a two-way electricity meter for free to the user, and sign a power purchase agreement to complete the final merging procedure. If everything goes well, it can be completed within 3 weeks

besides investment, the current rural installation scale is mainly 3kw-5kw. Taking 3KW as an example, it requires a one-time investment of about 24000 yuan (first-line brands are selected for components, inverters, brackets, etc.). The 3KW system can generate about 12-15 degrees per day based on an annual average of 4 hours per day. The state gives a subsidy of 0.42 yuan per degree (including tax) to photovoltaic power generation for 20 years. For rural users, the cost of more than 10 kilowatt hours of electricity per day can be saved, and they can also obtain the kilowatt hour subsidy given by the state. When users can't use up the electricity, they can sell it again to obtain the income from selling electricity. In this way, the return cycle is about 6 years. According to the theoretical life of the photovoltaic system of 25 years, there are more than 10 years of net income after the return

household photovoltaic power generation is very mature in foreign countries, but it is still in the growth stage in China. From the recent photovoltaic exhibitions, it can be seen that many enterprises are optimistic about the rural market, and have taken various means to layout the rural market, which leads to the phenomenon of enterprises "crowding out" to grab the roof

there will be complex microscopic interactions between the two surfaces, affecting friction action

distributed photovoltaic power generation has its bright side: it can be consumed nearby according to local conditions, and can make full use of the following information of the local Tai. I will take you to a detailed understanding of solar energy resources, replace and reduce the consumption of fossil energy, improve the environment, and reduce the occurrence of haze weather

it also has its shortcomings. Now, the investment cost of photovoltaic system is relatively high, and the return cycle is relatively long. In addition, the photovoltaic system needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly during the operation process. If it is not done, the power generation may not meet the expectations and affect the benefits. The most noteworthy thing is that with the rural market being favored by everyone, the relevant photovoltaic equipment used by the rural photovoltaic system is also in a mixed state, Fake and shoddy products emerge in endlessly, like a time bomb deeply rooted in the rural market

here we also call on more enterprises and individuals to start from the overall situation, do more conscience projects and win the hearts of the people, because only in this way can the industry develop healthily and continuously, and the people can get real returns and benefits

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