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Electric equipment manufacturers for rural transformation and upgrading have another feast

[Guide: Recently, the executive meeting of the State Council decided to implement a new round of rural electric transformation and upgrading projects. This is another lively feast for electric equipment manufacturers.]

On January 5, the executive meeting of the State Council decided to implement a new round of rural power transformation and upgrading project. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, rural electricity will be generally transformed, and a new type of rural electricity with safety, reliability, energy conservation, environmental protection, advanced technology and standardized management will be basically built

at the same time, the State Power Corporation revealed that in the next five years, it plans to build about 60 AC and DC transformation (converter) stations, with a transformation (converter) capacity of 420 million KVA (kw) and more than 40000 kilometers of lines. Huge equipment investment is expected to drive the development of local electrical equipment industry

is the double benefit another feast for power equipment manufacturers

engineering technicians are maintaining power transmission and transformation equipment. Data and pictures

Agricultural Transformation drives the primary equipment market

the implementation of agricultural transformation will undoubtedly bring significant benefits to the power equipment industry. An industry insider told that the rural power transformation is highly targeted, mainly the upgrading and replacement of traditional electrical equipment, and low-end transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing enterprises are the main beneficiaries of this agricultural upgrading

at the national agricultural upgrading work conference held in July 2010, Zhang Guobao, director of the national energy administration, once revealed that the investment scale of the new round of agricultural upgrading for a period of three years is expected to be no less than 200billion yuan. Huang Shouhong, an analyst at Anxin securities, believes that 200 billion yuan will be invested in agricultural transformation. According to the calculation of 60% - 65% of the investment as equipment, 100 million yuan will be used to buy power transmission and transformation equipment, including transformers, switches, wires, cables, towers, etc. As the rural power transformation investment area is wide, the voltage level is low, concentrated in 110kV and below, so the power equipment primary equipment companies generally benefit

Qiyuan equipment said on the investor relations interactive platform of Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed companies that in the new round of agricultural transformation and upgrading, low-voltage power equipment, including transformers, switches, wires and cables and distribution automation equipment, will usher in a substantial expansion of the market, and Qiyuan equipment, as a special equipment for the production of transformers, will usher in a certain market opportunity

however, the relevant person in charge of XJ Electric said that the main purpose of agricultural transformation is to solve the problem of transmission capacity, and the coverage is mainly focused on the transformation of low-voltage electricity, which does not have high requirements for transmission and distribution equipment. The impact on equipment manufacturers varies

Dongguan can also purchase multiple sets of reinforced concrete houses at the same time. The amount of reinforcement per square meter of construction area is 35 kg (luxiaobing, a Securities researcher in the production of equipment in the low intensity earthquake fortification zone, analyzed that distribution transformers are basically at the end of the power system and are widely used in agricultural systems. Due to the majority of seasonal loads in rural electricity and the long annual light load or no-load operation time, the loss of the existing distribution transformers accounts for about 60% - 70% of the rural electricity loss, and the whole distribution loss basically accounts for 70% of the total loss, which is the main part of the whole electricity loss Therefore, this agricultural transformation and upgrading, energy-saving transformers are bound to be popular

UHV smart electricity drives high-end equipment

Fu Yongzhen, an investment consultant at Datong securities, believes that at present, China's power investment is gradually characterized by two large ends and a small middle, that is, UHV investment and rural power below 110KV and urban distribution investment. Rural power transformation is mainly the upgrading and replacement of traditional electrical equipment, and the pull on the equipment industry is mainly reflected in the middle and low end; The construction of UHV will directly promote the development of high-end power equipment in China

the industry predicts that the investment in high-end electricity will reach 750billion yuan during the 12th Five Year Plan period, which is 2.5 times that of the 11th five year plan. The total investment in electricity in the country will reach 2.5 trillion yuan. The unqualified plastic bags produced by some small workshops have been banned repeatedly, which has increased significantly compared with the 11th five year plan. The incremental part mainly comes from the investment in UHV construction

according to the analysis, the construction of power grid is the core theme of the 12th Five Year Plan electricity investment, and it is also the most closely combined link with the major theme of optimal allocation of energy and adjustment of energy structure in electricity construction. In the next five years, transmission cables, towers and insulators will account for more than 50% of the investment in transmission links

according to the public information, in the UHV AC project that has been completed, the transformer, high-voltage reactor, switch (including grounding switch) and other equipment are all purchased through competitive negotiation; Other UHV equipment, such as 1000 kV lightning arresters, post insulators, grounding switches and control and protection equipment, shall be subject to invitation for bids

it is said that the national power plan, in terms of equipment procurement, as long as domestic enterprises have production capacity, all domestic procurement; If domestic enterprises do not have production conditions, domestic manufacturers will win the bid, and foreign manufacturers will supply goods as subcontractors of domestic manufacturers

promote the technological upgrading of domestic equipment enterprises

a simple example was given by insiders. The equipment produced by ABB has stable performance and basically does not break down after 10 years of use, while domestic equipment may only last for 5 years, so it needs to be repaired constantly. For domestic equipment manufacturers, in order to successfully win the bid, they also need to work hard to improve the level of key technologies in order to share the feast brought by the good

some experts told that the technical reserves of domestic enterprises are still insufficient. Taking UHV DC equipment as an example, although some domestic enterprises have realized the independent manufacturing of complete sets of DC field equipment, the stability of products still needs to be improved. The more serious problem is that due to the lack of basic research, production technology and production capacity, some raw materials and parts of equipment still need to be imported, resulting in the high cost of domestic equipment. For example, most of the oriented silicon steel sheets used in the iron core, the core component of UHV Transformer products, need to be imported from abroad

therefore, insiders believe that domestic enterprises should strengthen the close integration of scientific research and production, technology and economy, accelerate the digestion and absorption of introduced technology, enhance technical reserves, accelerate the commercialization and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and make the overall technical level of power equipment reach or approach the international advanced level

however, the industry also has a consensus: China's power equipment manufacturing industry has ushered in an unprecedented high-speed development trend, and the industrial technology level has been significantly improved. The high-end development path of the transformation of domestic power equipment manufacturing industry has initially appeared. On the one hand, taking the construction of ultra-high voltage power and intelligent power as the power source will promote the adjustment and optimization of the organizational structure of the power equipment manufacturing industry, greatly improve the technical level of the whole industry, and make China further get rid of the dependence on foreign major equipment technology in the construction of the whole power system from high voltage, ultra-high voltage to ultra-high voltage in the future. On the other hand, the domestic power equipment industry has also consciously turned to cleaning, strengthened energy conservation and emission reduction, and promoted the transformation and upgrading of products to high-end

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