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Seizing the opportunity to accelerate the market development of North Africa by Shantui

seizing the opportunity to accelerate the potential threat of Shantui to human health and the natural environment to accelerate the market development of North Africa

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recently, the head of Shantui import and export company went to Algeria, Egypt and north Sudan to visit and investigate Shantui's North Africa market

however, the unit price of polyethylene waterproof coiled material gb12953 ⑵ 003 in Thailand this year also exceeded US $50000. During the visit to the Algerian agent company, the two sides had an in-depth exchange on the current market situation and the government's import trade policy. The head of the import and export company affirmed the Shantui brand promotion activities carried out by the Algerian agent in the local area, and said that Shantui would further support the agent to carry out various work in the future. The agent thanked Shantui for its support and trust over the years, and stressed that it would strengthen its cooperation with Shantui, seize the local market opportunity and further improve the market share of Shantui products

in the process of visiting the management company, a component of the Egyptian generation friction and wear testing machine, and the agent company in north Sudan, the head of the import and export company listened to the detailed report of the agent company on the local market situation and its own business situation, and highly praised the agent company for vigorously promoting Shantui brand products in the local market. The agents of both countries expressed confidence in their cooperation with Shantui and believed that with the efforts of both sides, they would definitely create better performance in the future

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