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The rural garbage treatment in Luquan District of Shijiazhuang has achieved no dead ends in the whole area. Release date: Source: Shijiazhuang

on July 30, it was learned from Shijiazhuang Urban Management Bureau that Luquan district has achieved remarkable results since the rural domestic garbage treatment work was carried out, so it should be replaced and inspected regularly. Up to now, 120 sets of intelligent waste classification devices and more than 18000 domestic waste collection bins have been put into the area, covering 13 towns and 56 ordinary communities. Rural waste treatment has achieved no dead corner in the whole area

in order to increase the treatment of rural domestic waste, a waste lithium material recycling project will be built in Suining in the later stage. Since this year, Luquan District Urban Management Bureau has set up a special class to carry out comprehensive investigation, supervision and rectification, organized various towns and townships to hold experience exchange meetings and seminars, refined the evaluation plan, identified the crux of the problem, reasonably formulated measures, and comprehensively implemented refined management

"we will strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of monthly punishment supervisors and cleaning companies in villages and towns and the use of punishment funds, notify the villages and towns that have not implemented the reward and punishment work, and hold a monthly Symposium and scheduling meeting to summarize the problems and difficulties in a timely manner, and quickly study and rectify them." The relevant person in charge of the Urban Management Bureau of Luquan district said that the district strictly implements the level by level supervision mode of the district's leading departments, township, village cadres, and village supervisors, implements the elimination mechanism of cleaning companies, and strictly supervises the domestic 3-yuan battery energy density of 130wh/kg, which is really not easy to punish

the person in charge said that after the domestic waste treatment activities were carried out, Luquan district took various forms to publicize the treatment work, not only by issuing a proposal to guide the villagers to correctly put it in, but also by indicating the name, number and supervision of the barrel cleaner on each garbage can, so as to ensure that every cleaner can maximize the enthusiasm of the villagers to supervise the garbage cleaning and participate in the garbage treatment

on this basis, Luquan district has formulated a regular delivery strategy of domestic waste, defined the time of regular delivery in the morning and evening, improved the working standards of village road sweeping, guided the cleaning and utilization of construction waste and agricultural waste, so that the waste in the village can be cleared every day, and large amounts of agricultural waste will not enter the village

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