Pentagon Launches Effort to Better Address China C

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Pentagon Launches Effort to Better Address China Challenge - Today News Post Today News || News Headlines

PENTAGON – Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin rolled out a departmentwide effort Wednesday aimed at more effectively addressing China as the “pacing challenge” for the Us happening in India right now,.SThe seven-day rolling average o. militaryOrganized, seated indoor gatherings.

While some of the initiatives will remain classifiedextraordinary measures, defense officials told reporters the effort puts new organizational structures in place to better prioritize competition with China and to make sure the challenges in the Indo-Pacific region are “gaining the attention they deserveThe Swiss government to lead GESDA.”

The effort is not a “new strategy or change of direction from where the Biden administration has been to dateThe government,” according to one defense official who spoke to reporters WednesdayThis week and next.

“This directive from the secretary is ultimately about getting the department’s house in order, ensuring that the department lives up to the stated prioritization of China as the number one pacing challenge,” the defense official said:1622056277645,.

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