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Many people only pay attention to style and beauty when decorating houses, and ignore the Feng Shui problems in decoration. Do you know what the Feng Shui problems in housing decoration are? You might as well learn about it with the master

Feng Shui is a comprehensive problem of residential decoration. Feng Shui is a science of location, and the location of death gate is the most unlucky. There are eight strange Gates: open door, birth gate, rest gate, injury gate, Dumen, scenic gate, Death Gate, and shock gate. The most taboo is Death Gate clinic, which is a major problem of house type Feng Shui. Bed is the position that people spend the longest time in their life. If death gate is clinical, it must be resolved.</p>
<p>towards death and decline</p>
<p>Feng Shui prosperity and decline According to the orientation, there are four patterns: prosperous mountains, prosperous mountains, double stars, double stars, and falling mountains and waters. The downfall of mountains and rivers is a failure towards decline, which has a very adverse impact on the company or family</p>
<p>explanation of common Feng Shui problems in the decoration of residential houses and living rooms</p>
<p>the quality of the decoration of the gate directly affects the good or bad fortune of the owner. There are several situations of the gate: first, the gate has been set up when buying a house. Whether it is a rough house or a well decorated house, the gate is well installed. We still need to measure the size of the door. The size is very important. If you need to install the gate yourself, the first thing to consider is the location and size of the gate, and then the texture and color of the gate</p>
<p>2. The position of the door is very important</p>
<p>it matters whether the door itself is suitable for the house or the owner. Everyone's destiny is different, and the door opening method is also different. Some people open it very well in the north, and some people open it badly in the north</p>
<p>3. The texture of the door is exquisite</p>
<p>another important choice is the material of the door. The texture of the door and the texture of the door are many. In the past, there were large and thick wooden doors, and some two doors are also distinguished according to their own conditions, including the color of the door</p>
<p>there are also many doors. What I just said is the door. There are bedroom doors, toilets and kitchens. These doors are also very particular. As soon as the door is opened, you will see a living room with a window over there. From the perspective of Feng Shui, as soon as the door is opened, you will walk through the window with a draught, which is not in line with the hidden wind and spirit of Feng Shui. Teacher Cheng believes that it is best to build a porch here, Some kitchen or bathroom doors and gates facing this are not good. The kitchen belongs to the water supply, the bathroom belongs to the water, and the water represents wealth. In this way, wealth will be lost</p>
<p>second, the decoration should grasp the feng shui of the toilet</p>
<p>modern house design, most of which is to connect the toilet with the bathroom, so now let's talk about the two together. Generally speaking, the toilet should not be opened in the southwest or northeast, and should not be opened in the center of the house. The toilet should be pressed in the evil side, and should not be pressed in the auspicious side. The most frightening thing is that the toilet causes a vicious image. Especially in the north of the house, or in the northeast of the house called houguimen, if a toilet is set up, it will lead to bad results. The location of the toilet must not make it adjacent to the altar, otherwise, it will become vicious</p>
<p>third, the decoration should grasp the geomantic omen of the bedroom</p>
<p>whether it is the master bedroom or the guest bedroom, the shape of the bedroom should not be long and narrow, the narrow should not be ventilated, and the interior is easy to damp; The bed should not be directly facing the beam column,

the bed cannot be opposite to the mirror. When people are half awake, they are easily frightened by the image in the mirror and their spirit is restless; The TV should not be directly in front of the bed, but can be changed to the side or placed in the cabinet as a withdrawable TV cabinet; The bed cannot be backed by the door. People outside the door can see everything on the bed at a glance. There is no sense of security, which also affects the rest

fourth, the decoration should pay attention to the geomantic omen of the property position of the house

generally speaking, the best position of the property position is the diagonal direction of the entrance. Avoid columns and recesses here; If there are windows, they can be covered with curtains, so that wealth will not leak out; If this is just a passage, a screen can be placed, which can not only avoid the embarrassment of penetration, but also shape a good financial position; Placing money position with luxuriant bonsai can make fortune better. It is advisable to choose green plants with large and round leaves

first of all, make clear which corner is missing. Feng Shui is divided into two parts, one is fate, the other is position. Usually, the nine palaces should have it. Suppose there is a missing corner. If the southeast corner is missing, the lack of southeast corner will affect the child, the lack of southwest corner will affect the mother, and the lack of northwest corner will not be good for the father. If these corners are missing, it will hurt people in this field. So what is missing angle? If it is missing in the house, it accounts for one ninth of your whole house, and if it is one twentieth, it is not missing. If it is clear that there is a lack of this corner, we need to carry out corresponding decoration or Feng Shui conditioning. We all know that in the southeast and northwest, wood is in the East, fire is in the south, gold is in the west, and water is in the north. If there is a lack of the north, water is also called wealth in Feng Shui, which will have an impact on your financial luck. Therefore, if we lack this corner and this place is the entrance gate, it is recommended to put water related things in the north, such as fish tanks For water plants with wide leaves, it is necessary to determine whether they are true or false, and then resolve them according to everyone's fate, so that the house will be more comfortable to live in

v. pay attention to the feng shui of painting on the wall and art collection during decoration.

many people may have some collection hobbies. Are there any taboos for house antiques and art collection furnishings? It has a great impact. The collection is divided into two parts. One is a long-standing historical relics. The kitchen is one of the most important places in the home, and the kitchen Feng Shui is also the key to affect the whole home feng shui. Here are ten kitchen Feng Shui taboos to popularize. Don't make them if you are optimistic

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 1: the kitchen door is facing the door. This space is easy to form a hall evil, which is the most serious one of the hall evil. Kitchen door to back door, family money inexplicably spend will be very serious. It will also damage the health of women in the family

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 2: the kitchen door cannot be directly opposite the bedroom door, otherwise it is easy to cause the residents to be dizzy and grumpy

kitchen Feng Shui three taboos: the kitchen, as the source of large and small stomachs, must be lucky. The toilet is an unclean place, and the kitchen represents fire, and the toilet represents water. Water and fire are incompatible, which will lead to family unrest

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 4: the kitchen and toilet are the same door, and the water and fire are excessive, which is very unlucky; In addition, if you go to the toilet first and then enter the kitchen, your appetite will be affected

kitchen Feng Shui five taboos: when the kitchen floor is higher than the floor of the hall, room and other floors, the sewage is easy to flow back; Secondly, due to the difference between primary and secondary, the kitchen should not be above the hall and room; Once again, when serving food from the kitchen into the hall, it should be promoted step by step, otherwise there is a risk of returning money

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 6: the balcony is the protruding thing of the whole building, and it has no grounding gas. Many people want to use the balcony as a kitchen, but it will infect the clothes that are drying

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 7: the stove in the kitchen cannot be directly facing the refrigerator and sink: the refrigerator also represents the place of storage and wealth accumulation. Its nature is water, and it is most afraid of fire attack, which is easy to cause family members' health problems

eight taboos of kitchen Feng Shui: all places that often go in and out and operate should not be under pressure, especially the stove as a platform for food production

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 9: there are two biggest problems with opening windows behind gas stoves:





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