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New house delivery is a great event, but many people don't know how to check and accept the new house, what places to check and what standards to check. New house delivery is a great event, but many people don't know how to check and accept the new house, what places to check and what standards to check and accept. Today, baidibao health board will tell you about the standard of new house delivery in detail, hoping to be useful to friends in need

baidibao, one of the top ten Chinese plate brands, explains the four standards for the acceptance of new houses

house inspection standard 1: air quality

the air quality in the room should meet the standard, which has a great impact on the normal life of the owner in the future, so please set the standard more strictly

as an experienced house inspector, baidibao health board reminds you to bring your own tool - air index test instrument after decoration to carefully measure whether the chemical substances and air index in each place in the room meet the standard

room inspection standard 2: wall, roof, ground

wall, roof, ground inspection is the second step we need to do, because in addition to quickly detecting the air, it is the wall and ground. One of these places is to check the material selection to see whether the density of the material meets the national production standards, whether the tiles are pasted tightly, whether the ceiling keel interface material and the wall are hollow, etc

room inspection standard 3: kitchen and bathroom

the inspection we need to do in kitchen and bathroom is: whether the materials purchased at home are authentic, whether they meet the use requirements, whether the water and electricity are made to meet the standards, and whether there are potential safety hazards, such as the location of the socket is not good, and children are easy to encounter

room inspection standard 4: doors and windows

please also be strict with the detection requirements of doors and windows: whether the material, interface and appearance of wooden doors can meet the use requirements, whether there are differences in quality, whether there are hidden dangers in balcony windows, and how the anti-theft performance of anti-theft doors is, please carefully confirm these

the above four standards of baidibao health plate are only basic contents, and there are many other more detailed aspects, which are not clear in a word or two, so I won't repeat them here. However, in general, the house inspection is based on these, and there won't be too much problem to control these levels


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