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As long as you are in the middle outdoor space such as balcony, roof and courtyard, you can create a beautiful terrace space and a diversified outdoor terrace living space by installing a terrace shed

bathe in the sun under the terrace shed at leisure

the breeze blows on your face,

enjoy the green

or in a quiet afternoon,

listen to the rain on the railing, have a tea break

plant your favorite flowers and plants next to the terrace and turn it into a small private garden. It's not tiring to play, chat and stay all day. The terrace shed can shade and shelter from the rain. It's beautiful all year round

it's warm and comfortable to bask in the sun under the terrace shed in autumn and winter. It can also be used as an outdoor small living room, with tables, chairs, green plants, and friends and relatives together to enjoy the happy gathering time

in the warm autumn sun shooting in obliquely, brew a cup of green tea. In the faint fragrance of tea, watch a few pieces of tea swim in the water, taste a mouthful of clear tea, and aftertaste the fragrance of bitter tea. That kind of calm and indifferent mood will instantly fill your heart





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