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Now the buildings in the city are higher and higher, and there are more and more cars on the road. Now the sound insulation problem of indoor decoration has become a very important thing, but the sound insulation problem is not a pure decoration problem, it also involves acoustic problems. To solve the problem of sound insulation, we should distinguish which kind of noise is caused, and then take different methods to solve it

what is noise? Simply put, irregular sound can be understood as noise. There are several sources of urban noise. One is construction noise, which is phased. The other is traffic noise, which lasts for a long time. The third kind of noise is the noise of our life, such as the noise of entertainment places, playing mahjong, music TV, etc. Among these kinds of noise, the most difficult to deal with is car noise. By dealing with car noise, we can theoretically solve the problem of living noise at the same time. Of course, low-intensity construction noise can also be solved. But as for the sound made by piling, I can only say that it is difficult to deal with at present. Except that they stop work within the limited time, we can't decorate our home into the sound insulation standard of the sound testing room. First of all, we need to understand a basic concept: dB. DB is the unit of sound pressure level (symbol: dB). Every time the sound pressure is doubled, the magnitude of sound pressure increases by 6 dB. 1 dB is the sound just heard by human ears. Generally speaking, we think it is quiet if it is below 20 dB. Of course, generally speaking, we can think it belongs to " if it is below 15 dB; Dead silence " Yes. 20-40 decibels is about the murmur in the ears of lovers. 40-60 DB belongs to our normal conversation voice. More than 60 decibels belong to the noisy range. We can think it is very noisy at 70 decibels, and it begins to damage the hearing nerve. More than 90 decibels will damage the hearing. If you stay in a space of 100-120 decibels, if there is no accident, human beings will have temporary deafness (deafness) for one minute. Among them, the car noise is between 80-100 dB. Taking a car with a noise of 90 dB as an example, 81 DB can still be heard at a distance of 100 meters (the above standard will vary according to the difference of the environment, which is not an absolute value)

the size of traffic noise is affected by the following factors: 1. The higher the traffic flow of adjacent roads, the greater the noise. The noise on the main road will be much louder than that on the municipal road in the community. 2. The higher the speed of adjacent roads, the greater the noise. 3. The higher the proportion of heavy vehicles, the greater the noise, such as container vehicles (container vehicles). 4. The lower the quality of highway pavement, the greater the noise. For the same road quality, those with speed bumps will be louder than those without speed bumps. 5. The closer to the highway, the louder the noise. When the same heavy truck passes by, the 5.5-meter-high residence (plane straight-line distance) 10 meters away from the highway attenuates by 0.3 dB, 4 dB at 30 meters, 6 dB at 50 meters, and 8.9 dB at 100 meters. 6. At the same distance from the highway, the higher the floor of ordinary residence, the greater the noise. (at present, there is no upper limit data, so it is not ruled out that it will weaken when it reaches a certain height, but now the general high-rise is 32 floors.) It's wrong to think that living high away from noise. 7. Those with road noise barriers are lighter than those without noise barriers. 8. The influence of buildings is lighter than that of none

in order to solve the traffic noise, we need to see how many kinds of car noise there are. In general, it can be summarized as follows: 1. The sound of car tires rubbing against the ground. This kind of sound basically belongs to bass and is accompanied by vibration. This situation is particularly serious in the vicinity of concrete roads than asphalt roads. 2. The sound of automobile engine, exhaust pipe and automobile transmission system. The higher the horsepower and the longer the vehicle limit, the stronger the noise in this regard. 3. The sound of vehicle vibration caused by the impact of car horn, wind resistance, brake, deceleration belt and load

knowing the main sources and classification of noise, I can solve them one by one. 1. The best way to deal with noise is to strictly seal the windows. Whether you are a single-layer window or a double-layer window, sealing is the most important. The bearing capacity of the barrel is determined by the shortest piece of wood, and the sound insulation effect is determined by the weakest link. From the current technical level, using plastic steel windows as a means of sealing is the most effective decoration scheme. For users who have adopted aluminum alloy, it should be ensured that the sealing strip of the aluminum alloy frame is intact. Relatively speaking, the tightness of aluminum alloy windows is worse than that of plastic steel windows. 2. The window sealing is solved. The next step is to make it more sealed. After all, sound insulation does not mean that it is sealed, but also depends on the sealing performance. Using insulating glass in plastic steel windows is a very effective way. Because the loudest part is often the high pitched part, and the high pitched part is transmitted in a straight line. Most of it can be reflected by glass, and the non reflective part can be consumed by insulating glass. However, it should be noted that unscrupulous merchants sell untreated double glazing to you as insulating glass. 3. Using thick curtains to consume part of the sound energy is also a relatively simple method, which is certainly not a very effective method. 4. For vibration friction, we can use carpets, fabrics and even sound absorbing (isolating) cotton to weaken their impact on the interior. Adding a rubber pad at the foot of the bed can also reduce a certain sense of vibration. At the same time, using palm mattresses is also better than using spring Simmons, of course, not to mention hard mattress. 5. At present, some houses use light bricks (hollow bricks) as the external walls, and these materials have poor sealing performance. If the side of the road has a great impact on you, you can also make a wooden square (light steel) and a sandwich layer filled with sound absorbing (insulating) cotton in the paper faced gypsum board on the wall near the road, and then use decorative surfaces such as wallpaper (of course, you can also use ordinary wall paint to treat the surface). 6. Of course, no matter how you do sound insulation, don't forget to have proper ventilation. A too closed environment is not healthy for sleep. It is necessary to prevent noise on the side facing the noise, and properly maintain ventilation on the side facing the back. Of course, it is not necessary to require you to open the window properly, because the noise has a certain echo, which may affect the building behind you and send it back to the building where you are

the above methods are aimed at dealing with the noise at the roadside. In fact, they are also effective for other noises. But generally speaking, traffic noise is the main kind of noise, so solving traffic noise also solves other noises. Of course, there are but not long-term noises such as pile driving, which can only be solved by complaining to institutions such as the Environmental Protection Bureau. After all, the intensity of pile driving noise is too high, and general sound insulation measures are difficult to prevent. In fact, we don't need to make sound insulation decoration standards for the sound testing room in order to prevent short-term noises. On the other hand, noise should also be taken into account when buying a house. Observe the noise environment of the house to be purchased at different times and determine the degree of impact in combination with your actual situation. For example, most people in Laohuo sleep late and get up late, so I will never choose a house near the school and the vegetable market, because I don't like listening to the music of radio exercises and eye exercises transmitted by the tweeter, but it doesn't matter to the working people who get up early and return early, because when the horn rings, their families have gone to work





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