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The living room is an extremely important functional partition in our life. It must take more effort to decorate the living room, but the choice of color is a very important difficulty in the design of the decoration scheme of the living room. Nowadays, many people don't pay too much attention to the taboo of color matching in the living room. They use this color when decorating what color they like. As everyone knows, the wrong decoration color will directly affect the mood of the family. So what are the skills of color matching in living room decoration? How do we arrange the decoration color matching of the living room? Today, let's know how to match the decoration colors of the living room, and enjoy the decoration color matching effect drawing of the living room together

decoration color characteristics

Red: it is a more exciting color, which gives people a burning and provocative feeling. However, it is not suitable to connect too many places, otherwise it is easy to produce anxiety, physical and mental stress, and fatigue

yellow: it is the first color that people see at birth. It is a color that symbolizes health. The reason why it looks healthy and bright is that it is the most easily absorbed color in the spectrum

Orange: it can produce vitality and induce appetite. It is also a representative color in the warm color system. It is also a color representing health. The word also contains the meaning of maturity and happiness

green: it is a kind of color that makes people feel stable and comfortable. Green also represents positive and youthful vitality. Natural green has a certain effect on fainting, fatigue, nausea and clearing mood

Pink: it is the best interpretation of tenderness. This mixed color of red and white is very bright and bright. Pink means “ Water like tenderness &rdquo

blue: it is a kind of color that makes people daydream. On the other hand, it is also a quite serious color. This strong color can hide the shortcomings of other colors to some extent. It is a color with convenient collocation. The blue environment also makes people feel elegant and quiet

Brown: the easiest color to match. It can absorb light of any color. It is a comfortable and peaceful color, which can be safely used in home

Black: noble and can hide defects. It is suitable for matching with white and gold to play an emphasis role and make white and gold more dazzling

gray: it is a very easy-going color, with the diversity of matching with any color, so when the color matching is not appropriate, it can be reconciled with gray. Gray can be regarded as the representative of intermediate color

white: it will reflect all the light, with a sense of cleanness and expansion. Therefore, when decorating the home, if the space is small, it may be mainly white, which will increase the sense of spaciousness

Gold: it is a luxurious color, which can emit gorgeous and gorgeous light, so it makes people feel dizzying

what are the methods of color matching in living room decoration

method 1 of color matching in living room decoration: black and white matching

black and white matching does not mean that only these two colors are used in the living room. In fact, there are still some colors that can be added, but black and white are the main colors. These two colors are mainly reflected in walls, floors and furniture. The walls and floors are white, and the furniture can be black or white. However, if only these two colors are used indoors, it may cause a particularly strong impact. In order to solve this problem, the best way is to add gray as a transition. For example, add grey carpets, grey curtains, etc

color matching method 2 for living room decoration: red and yellow

both red and yellow are bright colors. Can these two colors become the main colors for living room decoration? In fact, there is no problem at all. The bright color system represents enthusiasm, so it is also very suitable for use in the decoration of the living room. How should red and yellow be used? Generally speaking, curtains, furniture and furniture accessories use these two colors. Sofa covers use red and yellow products. Furniture choose red, but curtains choose goose yellow, etc

color matching method 3 for living room decoration: purple and yellow matching

purple is indeed bold for living room decoration, but a good purple decoration will appear very romantic. Purple and yellow can be used together, but yellow is a decoration and should not be used as the main color. In the color matching skills of living room decoration, purple is generally used together with white, for example, white is selected for the wall. If you choose purple furniture, you should choose jewelry of other colors, and yellow is one of them

taboos on color matching of living room decoration

taboos on color matching of home decoration: dark blue

all dark blue in the home. Over time, the home will be invisible and gloomy, everyone is naturally negative, and the home is not safe

family decoration color matching taboo: Purple

there are many purple paints at home. Although it can be said that purple is full of fragrance in the room, it is a pity that the red series represented in purple virtually gives off a dazzling color sense

taboo on color matching of home decoration: pink

those who paint pink at home are the most ferocious. Pink is easy to make people feel irritable, prone to quarrels, disputes and quarrels frequently; In particular, the newly married couple, in order to regulate the atmosphere in the boudoir, seems to be very romantic in Mrs. fan's eyes. However, with the disharmony of colors, after a period of time, the two people will have inexplicable anger. They are easy to quarrel over trivial matters, and finally embark on the path of divorce. Today's social divorce rate is so amazing, and this factor also accounts for a lot. Therefore, designers should pay attention, it is best not to use this color, This tone can also cause neuropathy

taboo on color matching of home decoration: green

those who paint more green at home will also make the householder's will gradually depressed. It is not generally said that the eyes should be more connected with green. In fact, green refers to the green of nature, rather than the green prepared by human beings. Therefore, it is inevitable to cause the interior to be lifeless and lifeless

family decoration color matching taboo: red

Chinese people always think that red is an auspicious color, but Korean customs are represented by red cloth in the home of the dead. These are just people's living customs, but the red series are many, which makes people's eyes overburdened, and people's mood easy to be irritable. Therefore, red can only be used as a small part of the color matching, not as the color of the theme, However, Buddhist temples are different from their homes

taboo on color matching of home decoration: orange

although many orange are full of vitality and warm feeling, too much orange will also make people feel bored

the best decoration colors at home are: milky white, ivory, white

the best colors at home are milky white, ivory, and white. These three colors are most suitable for human visual nerves, because sunlight is a white series, representing light and human heart. Eyes also need to be reconciled with light, and the white series at home is best equipped with furniture, and the white series also represents hope

editor's summary: Home colors can be reasonably matched in combination with family styles and preferences, and the spatial layout and lighting of the house should also be considered, all of which are combined. If you need more relevant information, please continue to follow our website, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future





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