The whole house customization of this light luxury

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[Erica whole house customization] "light" represents an elegant attitude, low-key, comfortable, but does not damage nobility and elegance. Light luxury style is to pursue a low-key state, and not cumbersome. Not to be in the front, not to show off and praise, but to enjoy the beauty of life - this is today's light extravagant attitude

the guest restaurant takes a large area of black as the main tone, with some jumping metal elements as the decoration, so that the space shows unique taste and temperament, and looks very luxurious

too much black often gives people a dull and depressing feeling. Using the metal elements appearing in the main light, ceiling edging, picture frame and so on to balance vision will make the space more three-dimensional and plump, and turn into the ultimate sense of fashion

the bedside background wall of the master bedroom is a highlight. In order to increase the space proportion and unconsciously pull people's vision upward, the designer specially adopted a soft bag design different from the conventional one to give the whole space more tension

under the fashionable and simple black-and-white tone, with a touch of bright yellow and green as embellishment, making an article on the color scale level can produce a finishing touch effect and make the space look more vitality

the children's room creates a romantic dream full of happiness with a group of soft and comfortable macarone colors. Being in it, a breath of French sweetness came to my face, which could not help but make people happy




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