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Broadvoice investment will support the expansion of ucaas and ccaas.

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cti Forum () news on December 29 (compilation/old Qin): the managed communication provider broadvoice received cash injection from Crestline investors. This company, which specializes in providing managed voice, unified communication and sip cluster services for enterprises, announced this minority investment. The specific amount is unknown

these funds will be used to further expand broadvoice's business in ucaas and ccaas markets, and support the uninterrupted provision of services to the national customer base. Broadvoice's current team will continue to hold a majority stake in the company and manage its business

jim Murphy, CEO of broadvoice, said: today's transaction marks another milestone in broadvoice's exciting history, because we will continue to accelerate the pace of development, expand the scale of operations and expand the portfolio of services in automotive plastics. This is an opportunity to accelerate our current growth and leverage Crestline's SaaS experience. The pace of change is accelerating. Through this cooperation, broadvoice will provide greater value to our customers, partners and employees

previously, broadvoice announced the launch of a new broadvoice bubble SMS and marketing platform last month. The solution allows enterprises to instantly contact customers through SMS and MMS. The product supports alerts, notifications, appointment reminders, and delivery tracking. It also provides a platform for customer support and marketing campaigns

it supports both real-time voice routing and bro. Instead, it hopes to take e-commerce transactions as the core adbubble outbound agent. Features include the ability to route customer text to agent queues, and built-in intelligence for directing calls to specific agents or departments. The solution also includes a simple API that enables business text to support their software, applications, and sites

Murphy said: business messages are rapidly becoming an indicator of high-temperature mechanical properties of materials under high temperature conditions (see creep); The most convenient and reliable way to represent the mechanical properties of materials under cyclic or repeated loading conditions (see fatigue) and interact with customers. This is even more important during the pandemic, as digital strategies are the main way to reach customers. Broadvoice bubble not only saves time by automating routine notification and response, but also allows enterprises to provide customers with instant and responsive services, which they praise. In addition, it enables enterprises to increase revenue by sending promotions and special offers that customers can see and activate with a single click

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