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On June 22, Beijing time, British Telecom giant orange unveiled a magical T-shirt that can be recharged to help people who often participate in festivals bid farewell to the trouble of running out of power. At any time, users only need to plug in the T-function flexible shirt to quickly charge. It is reported that this futuristic T-shirt adopts sound response technology. The louder the sound, the faster the charging

the prototype of the rechargeable T-shirt will be unveiled at the Glastonbury Music Festival this weekend. With this T-shirt, music fans can watch the band while charging

constitutes a complete laboratory technology prototype. This futuristic T-shirt uses noise response technology to charge

the charging T-shirt is equipped with an A4 paper size piezoelectric film, which can absorb sound wave pressure and convert it into electricity. Press the [correction] button and store it in the battery. When charging, the power is transmitted to the through the wire. It is reported that orange will conduct field test on the polystyrene board thin plastered exterior wall insulation system of the rechargeable T-shirt during the Glastonbury Music Festival to determine the charging performance

the stage play spirit of 71 will be staged during the music festival. Tony Andrews, the co producer, said: "the vibration of sound - especially bass - is enough to make materials such as piezoelectric films generate electricity. This is a novel charging solution. I am looking forward to the performance of orange's charging T-shirt in the field test at the Glastonbury Music Festival."

andrew Pearce, director of orange sponsorship department, said: "in a festival environment such as Glastonbury Music Festival, sound has become a very obvious medium. It is obviously a natural choice to develop rechargeable T-shirts, which are suitable for use in this environment." Sina Technology

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