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Bruncose plans to invest US $330million to build a Robinia pseudoacacia pulp mill in Brazil

San Francisco recently reported that bruncose, a Swiss based timber group, plans to invest US $330million to build a pulp mill in Brazil. The project is scheduled to start at the end of 2003, with a design annual production capacity of 800000 tons. With Robinia pseudoacacia as raw material, 85% of the output is used for export, with an estimated annual sales of US $110million

the timber group will contribute 40% to the project, and the rest will be invested by the foreign capital company and the Brazilian Development Bank

the investment in the Robinia pseudoacacia plantation will exceed 20million US dollars. Bruncose plans to plant 20000 hectares before 2003. At present, 10000 hectares of Robinia pseudoacacia have been planted

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