The hottest British woman was refused by the drive

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According to foreign media 31, Anna, a British woman, was refused by the driver when she took the bus recently because the driver thought that the bucket of paint Anna carried was flammable and there was a safety risk that the material had been made into a cube with a side length of 1 cm

it is said that Anna bought a bucket of white paint in the store and was going to take the bus home. When she got on the car, the driver said to her, "you can't take this bucket of paint with you." The driver explained to her that this barrel of paint was flammable. If you take it on the bus, there will be a potential safety hazard

Anna said that she was very angry with the driver because the paint she bought was absolutely safe and there was no description of "inflammables" on the paint bucket

Anna, an English woman, was refused by the bus driver because of a bucket of paint

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