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Brother road sign paint niyaozhong won the May Day Labor Medal

this is a simple man. When we met him, although we had just returned with the provincial "May Day Labor Medal", we were as steady as before, and our few words were full of kindness

this is an extraordinary person. He has won many honors for many years in a row. On him, there is a valuable spirit of innovation and perseverance

he is niyaozhong, deputy general manager and senior engineer of Zhejiang brother road sign coating Co., Ltd., who won the provincial "May 1 Labor Medal"

niyaozhong was originally a laid-off worker of Changxing Xiaopu machinery factory. Although he was laid off, he did not lose his pursuit of a better life, such as 3D printing and mobile phone cooling. Although his company has changed a few times, he is sincere and down-to-earth. Every time he takes a new post, he studies hard and is widely praised for his outstanding work performance. What is more commendable is that no matter in which unit, niyaozhong always adheres to scientific and technological innovation, contributes his intelligence to the enterprise, and grows into a senior engineer through continuous learning

In 2005, niyaozhong came to Zhejiang brother road marking paint Co., Ltd. to be in charge of the design, production and new product development of road marking machinery. He regards the enterprise as his home and the battlefield of entrepreneurship and innovation

the main product of Zhejiang brother road marking paint Co., Ltd. is road marking paint, which produces dust in the production process and has certain pollution to the production environment. How to achieve "zero emission"? Niyaozhong, together with zhuguigen, deputy general manager of the company, has made bold technical innovation in the production of hot-melt coatings

if one method doesn't work, try again if one test doesn't work, think again if one set of technology doesn't work... In this way, they persist in difficulties, innovate in persistence, overcome a series of technical problems, independently developed a fully enclosed automatic quantitative filling production line, and innovatively designed a two-stage bag water curtain dust removal, realizing "zero emission" of dust. In 2007, the enterprise successfully passed the "cleaner production audit" jointly organized by the provincial economic and Trade Commission and the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau. In 2009, it successfully passed the municipal "green enterprise" certification

the provincial-level new product "all-weather reflective microcrystalline ceramic beads" independently developed by Zhejiang brother road sign coating Co., Ltd. is a fist product of the enterprise. At present, only one company in the United States and brother road sign company can produce them in the world. As the product is a blank in China, 5 Balancing machine (including field balancing instrument); You can't even buy equipment. This did not become a roadblock on niyaozhong's innovation road, but stimulated his passion for innovation. After nearly three years of efforts, niyaozhong and his colleagues finally successfully developed a new product of "all-weather reflective microcrystalline ceramic beads", which was listed in the provincial new product trial production plan and the major special key science and technology plan of Zhejiang Province in 2008

with excellent skills and persistent spirit, over the years, niyaozhong has successfully developed a variety of road marking machines with domestic leading technical level or reaching the domestic advanced level, some of which are domestic initiatives, making a soft and flexible pet aerogel and providing greater comfort for the localization of road marking machines. In particular, a series of marking mechanical equipment with functional characteristics, such as hot-melt type, spray type, rain line type and color type, have completely replaced imported products

with hard work and harvest, on the road of persistent innovation, we not only solved the technical difficulties from the theoretical level, but also one new technology after another emerged in the hands of niyaozhong and his R & D team. Since 2006, niyaozhong has successfully developed 12 provincial-level new products, all of which have been listed in the provincial new product trial production plan of the Provincial Department of science and technology, and 9 of which have passed the appraisal; Since 2007, niyaozhong has applied for 25 technical patents together with the person in charge of the enterprise, and has been granted 18 patent certificates by the State Intellectual Property Office, including 3 invention patents and 15 utility model patents

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