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DCI, a British ink and toner box remanufacturer, is authorized to produce Kodak branded products

its factory conditioning output pressure is 45 MPa and 69 MPa respectively. Release date: Source: regeneration times editor: Yujia browsing times: 2145 copyright and disclaimer

core tips: dynamic cassette inte, a British ink and toner box remanufacturer, issued the first batch of open road test plates for smart cars in China It has been licensed to produce Kodak brand products

[China brings about foreign packaging of 30000 tons of lithium concentrate] dynamic cassette International (DCI), a British ink and toner box remanufacturer, has obtained a license to produce Kodak branded products

according to, DCI produces Kodak brand ink and toner boxes for HP, Epson, Canon, Samsung and brother international printers

dci claims that its Kodak branded ink and toner supplies have been licensed through a series of quality checks ranging from page printing performance to compatibility testing

phil sneath, director of DCI's business development department, commented: "Kodak is a truly global brand, representing high-quality imaging products. The Kodak brand is a great opportunity for DCI, our distribution partners and retail customers to represent advanced remanufactured ink and toner products. In the next few weeks, we will work with potential distribution partners in Europe, and welcome interested parties to contact us

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