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St released integrated automotive multimedia network power management chip

STM, the world's leading automotive semiconductor enterprise, today announced the launch of the industry's first integrated most (media oriented system transmission) network power supply | regulator management solution. The most network is developed to ensure the efficient and smooth operation of on-board multimedia and infotainment systems. Most networks were originally developed for the automotive industry and have been widely used in other industries. Most technology is mainly used to easily add CD or DVD players, car radios, personal navigators and other multimedia devices in the automotive environment

as a result of the cooperative design between STMicroelectronics and SMSC, a fabless semiconductor manufacturer, the new l5961 power management chip is used to support the most network processor of SMSC. The new IC integrates power supply and most compatible power management control logic circuits, as well as enhanced diagnosis and complete system monitoring functions (power supply voltage, network status, wake-up events and temperature)

the chipset composed of l5961 power management chip and SMSC network processor can act as the constituent module of any most network node, and maintain greater independence between network nodes. For example, the switching timing of a device in the network or device failure will not affect other connected devices. In addition, once the chipset is verified, it can be used in any most application without redesign and verification every time

the existing solution in the market is to use discrete devices to provide power management functions for most network nodes. Therefore, the design of ST's integrated power management and control logic circuit and power supply in l5961 has brought several major advantages to automotive accessory manufacturers (OEMs), including a significant reduction in the size of printed circuit boards, lower manufacturing costs and total cost of ownership, and smaller standby power consumption, which helps supporting manufacturers meet the automotive power specifications recently released by major vehicle manufacturers. A variety of power consumption modes are the biggest highlight of the new product, among which the normal quiescent current of ultra-zero power consumption mode is only 5 μ A. It is far lower than the value obtained by discrete devices. The whole product is a solution with optimized cost and space. Zhaihongjin, a tubing engineer with higher strength, said that the company has considerable advantages in reproduction capacity and application of power-off protection

l5961's other features include: an integrated 5V or 3.3V, 650madc DC converter that supplies power to the network processor and an external low-voltage equipment, two voltage regulators that supply power to the optical fiber transmitter and receiver, a network physical layer with a 2% ring on ring increase of high-carbon soldering iron with diagnostic function to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve fuel economy, and three battery detectors for power supply voltage monitoring, In the current discrete device solutions, battery detector is a separate function

"l5961 is the first integrated most power management solution in the automotive electronics industry, integrating the power and power management functions required by the network processor," said domenicorossi, general manager of St automotive multimedia product group. "This chipset combines ST's power management expertise and SMSC's most network technology, and is a very attractive solution for the automotive information and entertainment industry."

"ST's l5961 single chip integrates all the discrete circuits usually required for power supply and power management of most nodes," said Dr. christianshiel, vice president and director of automotive products Department of SMSC. "This chip can enable designers to significantly reduce the number of components on printed circuits and bring direct benefits to users, such as reducing cost and complexity and improving quality."

l5961 adopts powerso36 package. If you need to discharge more heat, you can choose powerso36 package. L5961 engineering samples have been supplied to major customers. The fully qualified l5961 finalized product is planned to start mass production in the third quarter of 2008

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