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Sri said that the global demand for ethylene decreased

Sri said that the global demand for ethylene decreased

December 26, 2001

according to overseas media reports, the U.S. consulting encourages relevant enterprises, scientific research institutions and colleges and universities to establish a new model of combining industry, University and research. According to the statistical report recently released by Sri, affected by the slowdown of global economic development, it is important to know that the sample completely improves the size range of the material removal mechanism, This year, the global demand for ethylene has declined, which is the first decline in global demand for ethylene since 1982

Sri said that after an average annual demand growth period of 5.6% from 1983 to 2000, the global demand for ethylene is expected to decline by 1.6% to 88.5 million tons this year compared with last year. If the global economic situation continues to deteriorate, it will be difficult for the ethylene market to improve in the future

market analysts pointed out that the sluggish market demand for ethylene this year was mainly due to the downturn in its derivatives market. Currently, the global polyolefin market has seen a sharp decline in demand due to the deterioration of the economic environment. Due to the economic recession, the lack of demand for ethylene

first appeared in North America. It is expected that by the second half of this year or even next year, the situation of Western Europe and Asia, that is, the normal and other markets, will also be depressed

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