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Square mobile payment products have security defects. Opponents called for its recall. On March 10, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, first, the installation was carried out in strict accordance with the provisions and requirements of the design drawings of the hydraulic universal testing machine. Verifone, a mobile payment solution provider, issued an open letter on Wednesday local time, saying that square's mobile payment products have a serious security defect, which will harm the interests of cardholders and enterprises

replaced once every 34 years. Verifone CEO Doug Bergeron warned in an open letter that there was a serious safety defect in square's card reader and called on square to recall its products. Bergeron said that using square card reader and an attack software, anyone can steal users' personal information through the magnetic stripe of the credit card. Verifone has written an application that can steal personal information

verifone said that the safety defect lies in square's hardware, which requires high or wear-resistant shafts or shaft segments to be surface treated. Square hardware products cannot encrypt credit card data. At present, it is not clear whether verifone's statement is justified, but verifone's public condemnation of serious safety defects in competitors' products is a big problem. Verifone provides payware mobile applications and hardware, enabling iPhone users to easily accept credit card payments. Obviously, the two companies are competitors, and verifone's motivation to disclose square product defects may be impure

Bergeron said in an open letter that last year, square launched a smart credit card reader to make it easy for anyone to accept credit card payments. This is a good idea, but square ignores a safety defect, which will bring risks to consumers

Bergeron said that programmers with certain skills can write applications that can steal consumers' personal information using squarekirbky's re card reader in less than an hour. "We have conducted experiments, and it is quite easy to do this.". The problem is that there is a problem with square's hardware design. It can't encrypt the user's data, which provides the possibility for criminals to turn square's hardware into an information theft device in a few minutes

Bergeron pointed out, "the mobile payment business has a bright future, and our innovation will help promote the development of the mobile payment industry. We hope that consumers and businesses understand the risks of mobile payment and make wise decisions in protecting their own and customers' interests. We attach great importance to security, and it is our responsibility to ensure the security of the payment process." Sohu it

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