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St. Petersburg equipment leaseholders visit Zoomlion quantang Industrial Park

St. Petersburg equipment leaseholders visit Zoomlion quantang Industrial Park

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recently, the Russian agent of Zoomlion engineering crane Co., Ltd. and the head of the largest equipment leaseholder in St. Petersburg, Russia, came to quantang Industrial Park to visit the preferential dispersion of Kaon at the grain boundary. The purpose of the customer's visit is to investigate the production strength and product production line of the engineering crane company, and discuss procurement projects. At the same time, the leaders of overseas companies and engineering crane companies attached great importance to it and warmly received the visiting guests

in quantang Industrial Park, Russian customers visited the crane sample car on the product display platform, and personally test drove the cross-country tire crane with great interest. The product is easy to operate, can take off and land freely, and the superior performance makes the customer cannot help but give a thumbs up. Then, the customer came to the structural plant to visit and carefully observe the robot welding technology on the production line. At this time, 3200t bending machine and flanging machine are in operation, and the customer affirmed Zoomlion's advanced technology and production line. During the visit to the assembly plant, the customer watched the turntable commissioning platform and "return" assembly line independently developed by Zoomlion, and compared with similar products made of simpler plastic materials, the staff gave a detailed explanation to the Russian customer

after the visit, the visiting customers and agents were very satisfied with the products of the engineering crane company, and they were interested in purchasing a variety of products, not only from the plastic granulator process, but also from Lianzhong

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