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St Ancai invested more than 800million yuan in photovoltaic glass

the previous "CRT overlord" St Ancai (600207, closing price 6.00 yuan), and its intention to restore its profitability through transformation to the photovoltaic industry is quite clear. Consistent with the information learned before, the company announced a new investment plan today (August 4) after the ultra white glass project for crystalline silicon batteries, which was invested and built two years ago, was officially sold in batches in the first half of this year. A new company was established with a capital of 400million yuan to invest in the construction of new product lines such as TCO coated glass for thin-film batteries

2。 400 million yuan to expand the product line

st Ancai announced today that the company will invest 2. RMB 400million, Henan Ancai Solar Glass Co., Ltd. was established. The new company will be engaged in the research, development and application of solar glass and energy-saving glass technology. The investment projects that the new company has finalized include photovoltaic solar energy TCO coated glass with an annual output of 2.4 million square meters and low radiation coated glass with an annual output of 6million square meters. The total investment of the project is 8. 0.6 billion yuan, except for new company 2. In addition to the registered capital of 400million yuan, the rest will be raised through bank loans. This means that after the completion of the project, St Ancai photovoltaic glass products will no longer be limited to the supply of crystalline silicon cells, and glass companies for thin-film batteries can also produce them

an analyst told the daily economy yesterday evening that the TCO coated glass in the new project is quite interesting. TCO coated glass is applied to thin-film solar cells. At present, enterprises in the United States, Japan and France can supply it in batches; Among domestic manufacturers, only CSG a (000012, closing price 11.9 tensile testing machine enterprises should also become partners of cooperation, 1 yuan) cultivated an enterprise echelon this year and announced mass production at the end of March. However, at present, domestic thin-film battery manufacturers still rely on imports of TCO coated glass

"there is no way. TCO glass has very high requirements for enterprise technology and process, and there is also a problem of downstream customer recognition after the product comes out." The aforementioned analyst said. He pointed out that the transmittance, thickness, conductivity and other indicators of TCO coated glass are quite demanding. In addition to the successful mass production of CSG this year, Bengbu Glass, Xinyi, Zhongke building materials, etc. either stayed in the laboratory stage, or the introduction of ready-made production lines failed to refit. In short, they did not enter the stage of large-scale production; And he stressed that at present, including CSG, domestic manufacturers of TCO glass have not been used in batches by customers, and the performance and quality are not fully mature. The TCO production line that CSG has mass produced has not yet entered large-scale commercial operation

"being able to make TCO glass indicates that the company's technology has improved." The aforementioned researcher said. In terms of planned production capacity, St Ancai's action this time is quite large, and the company's production capacity is 240 square meters/year; The annual production capacity of the TCO glass production line that CSG has mass produced is 460000 square meters. The experimental speed of the expansion project under construction is 200mm/min, involving an annual production capacity of 2.52 million square meters, and the scale gap between the two is not large

there may be more photovoltaic investment in the future

but while affirming the ability of St Ancai, the aforementioned analysts also stressed that the prospect of the company's project remains to be seen. The announcement does not disclose key technical indicators such as light transmittance, so it is impossible to evaluate the quality and performance of St Ancai TCO glass; In addition, the construction period of the project is 18 months, that is, the official production time is roughly below 201. At the beginning of two years, the time for the company's products to be recognized by customers and the release of scale capacity will be postponed. During this period, it is still unknown whether CSG will further expand its production capacity, whether other domestic peers will make breakthroughs, and even what level the global photovoltaic market demand will reach

however, according to the information previously learned by the daily economy from the company, St Ancai plans to restore profitability through the transformation of its main business, and the photovoltaic industry is the company's first foothold. According to the information delivered by Anyang City so far, investors may see more investment in the photovoltaic industry by St Ancai in the future

there is an article entitled "analysis and suggestions on the development of photovoltaic industry in Anyang City" published on October 12 last year on the Anyang development and Reform Commission website. The contributor is the energy and transportation section. In this article, there is a paragraph about "basic information of photovoltaic power generation enterprises in Anyang City": "Henan Ancai High Tech Co., Ltd., which was registered and established in September 1998... At present, the photovoltaic glass project with a total investment of 278 million yuan and an annual output of 5.6 million square meters has been started; the total investment of 216 million yuan and an annual output of 2.4 million square meters of TCO glass and the total investment of 9.45 billion yuan and an annual output of 141mw solar thin film battery project are planned to start construction in the near future."

at present, leading projects have been put into production and sold. The second project has also been confirmed in today's announcement. When will the third project be carried out? When the daily economy visited the company last week, St Ancai avoided the above problems. However, in today's announcement, people see the possibility of the third project

the announcement shows that the business scope of the new company includes the R & D, manufacturing and sales of "solar cells and solar photovoltaic products" in addition to the production and manufacturing of photovoltaic glass and energy-saving glass. Investors may wish to wait and see how st Ancai will move forward in the photovoltaic industry

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