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Titanium dioxide: remove the fog to see the rise and fall of titanium dioxide tide

the titanium dioxide market has experienced dramatic changes in the past two weeks. In a short week, the market price was first depressed and then increased. Affected by the sharp price reduction of major factories in Southwest China, some enterprises fell; However, after a short decline, the main factories in Southwest China reversed the market, and market participants were mostly at a loss. At the initial stage of the rise, businesses only waited and waited. After some enterprises followed up the prices carefully, downstream users were mostly excited, and cautious purchase intentions appeared, with an increase of 43.65% year-on-year, There was a small round of stock up in the market. However, until the deadline, the market holders said that although the goods have been sold well recently, most of them are contracts before the price rise, and there are few new orders after the rise. The cautious wait-and-see mood of market participants still exists

the raw titanium ore market has recently been supported by the reversal of titanium dioxide, which has slightly stabilized. Although the ore prices of major factories in Panzhihua, Sichuan have not changed for the time being, the prices of some surrounding small mines have slightly followed up. Do you pay attention to the project reserve negotiation? The reference is around yuan/ton, and the commercial testing machines with a content of are the same? Talking about yuan/ton, market participants said that recently, some titanium dioxide factories have more purchase intentions. Many enterprises are negotiating to purchase mineral resources in Panzhihua

the recent plant maintenance or load adjustment of many factories, the plant maintenance of two first-line factories in Southwest China and the short-term maintenance of individual production lines in Zibo factory can be said to inject a shot in the arm into the market. Jinan factory operated at low load in the early stage, but it has been on the rise recently, and the installation load has gradually increased. On the whole, the supply of major factories has decreased gradually, and some factories with slightly smaller scale have reduced their negative operation in the early stage. The supply of the market has shrunk slightly compared with the early stage, which has slowed down the supply pressure of the overall domestic market to a certain extent

based on the recent titanium dioxide Market callback speed is too sudden, market participants were a little confused at the beginning, but as a small number of manufacturers showed their intention to increase one after another, downstream customers slightly showed their purchase intention. Based on the negative mentality of most merchants, the market is mostly dominated by small order negotiations. On the other hand, as the weather gradually turns cold in some North China and Northeast China, the demand for terminal coatings gradually shrinks, and the market enters the off-season; The weather in South China and East China is relatively mild, and some operators have more demand for (coating) home decoration at the end of the year, and the market terminal performance is relatively good. On the whole, although the demand in East China and South China is acceptable, the demand in North China and Northeast China has shrunk to a certain extent, and the overall market demand is still relatively general

recently, the titanium dioxide market is in a good and bad game period, and market participants have different mindsets. Some are cautious and wait-and-see, and some are eager to follow the rise. However, based on raw materials, supply and demand and other factors, zhuochuang suggests businesses to clear the fog and observe market changes in depth. It is expected that the short-term titanium dioxide market will remain within the scope of adjustment and operation, and it is suggested that businesses should pay attention to the overall market demand

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