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There is a serious shortage of titanium dioxide products in Russia

If titanium dioxide used in the steel industry is not considered in Russia, there are almost no titanium dioxide manufacturers

two titanium dioxide factories were established in the Soviet Union, both on the territory of Ukraine. These two enterprises are still in operation, namely, the joint-stock manufacturer must have staff present, and the company "Crimean titanium" and "Sumei chemical". A large amount of titanium dioxide produced in Ukraine is exported to Russia every year

the disintegration of the Soviet Union made Russia have no titanium dioxide produced by itself. Relevant people believe that this is unfair for Russia to use 350kg of aluminum per cycle, because Russia has rich titanium raw material resources. However, this unfair problem has not been solved until now. State leaders have always placed high hopes on Foreign Investment: western enterprises build factories in Russia with capital and Technology... In fact, no one will invest. Russia once planned to establish a company for mining ilmenite in Amur district - pokrovski mine joint stock company, which was not realized later for some reasons. In fact, the Far East is not a good place to set up titanium dioxide factories: the main consumer groups of titanium dioxide, namely paint and coating enterprises, gather in the European territory of Russia, and transport pigments from tens of thousands of kilometers away to Petersburg Yaroslavl Moscow tampov Rostov, which is undoubtedly unreasonable

however, the production of titanium dioxide cannot be delayed indefinitely in Russia. This kind of product is of greater and greater significance to Russia, and the market continues to expand. The longer it is delayed, the more losses Russia will suffer. What if? Comprehensively sort out the existing process. If a new factory is established in Russia, the annual output should not be less than 300000 tons, which can not only meet the domestic market demand for titanium dioxide, but also be exported abroad. Relevant people in Russia believe that many things are easier said than done, and the real production of titanium dioxide in Russia will not happen overnight

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