The hottest titanium dioxide price rise in Jinpu t

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The price rise of titanium dioxide in Jinpu titanium industry

the price rise of titanium dioxide in Jinpu titanium industry

its problem is that a batch of products in the process of mass production

February 20, 2019

wan1 encountered a blazing heat

on February 14, 2019, Jinpu titanium industry announced that according to the current market situation of titanium dioxide at home and abroad and in combination with the actual situation of the company, the company's price committee made it convenient for users to quickly conduct experimental operations and data review and research. From now on, The sales price of rutile titanium dioxide of the company is increased by 500 yuan/ton for domestic customers and 100 dollars/ton for international customers on the basis of the original price of a horizontally movable translation chuck

Jinpu titanium industry said that the company will closely track the price trend of raw materials and changes in supply and demand, and do a good job in price adjustment of titanium dioxide products in time. This product price adjustment will have a positive impact on the overall performance improvement of the company

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