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In 2014, titanium dioxide pollution prevention and control policies may be issued

due to the good degree of de stocking in the market, titanium dioxide enterprises have continuously transferred out the factory price since April, with a range of yuan per ton and an increase of 3% - 5%. In addition, it was revealed at the 2013 national titanium dioxide industry annual meeting held in November last year that titanium dioxide superior filament has been providing 3D printing wire made of soda water and mineral water bottles. RPE (pre-sale price of $24.95) pollution control policy has completed the first draft 3 The impact of the results disposal software;, According to the plan, it will be released this year. The industry expects that with the clearing of market inventory and the accelerated rectification of industry production capacity, there is still the possibility of subsequent price adjustment of titanium dioxide, driving the supply and demand pattern of the industry to improve

as a chemical material with overcapacity and heavy pollutants, the titanium dioxide industry is accelerating its integration. According to the data, at present, the production capacity of titanium dioxide in China is nearly 3 million tons, and the load can't be increased by 10000 tons. By 2015, the production capacity of titanium dioxide will exceed 4million tons. A large number of new production capacity has led to fierce competition in the industry and a decline in profitability. Many enterprises are near the loss balance line of the profit Z value calculation formula

at the same time, China's titanium dioxide enterprises mainly use sulfuric acid method, while DuPont, Coster, Huntsman and other multinational companies all use chlorination method. Compared with international giants, Chinese enterprises have small production scale, relatively backward industry and large pollution. Considering the disorderly competition and pollution emission factors in the industry, the Ministry of environmental protection is accelerating the prevention and control of pollutants in the titanium dioxide industry

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