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The titanium dioxide plant of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. produced 1772.5 tons of rutile titanium dioxide in May, which was significantly higher than the output of 1204.25 tons in April, setting the highest output of Rotating Zigzag rod since the implementation of the single furnace production mode. Compared with the best level of the original double furnace production mode, the spring force reading this stroke on the pressure gauge was only 272 tons lower; Energy consumption, yield and cost per ton of titanium dioxide were all the best in history

the single boiler operation production mode is an important measure taken by the plant to reduce energy consumption and cost, that is, to change the original production mode of two groups of steam furnaces and two groups of gas generators, stop one group respectively, and change to the single boiler production mode. Facing the long production process and complex process, the plant pays attention to the balance of steam and gas required by many posts, and strengthens the control of energy consumption; Strictly control the number and period of equipment opening according to the requirements of economic operation to maximize the efficiency of equipment operation; The implementation of the technological transformation project of additional seed hydrolysis process and the further optimization of the process flow have promoted the improvement of product quality and the reduction of steam consumption per ton of titanium dioxide

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